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Went and Never Came Back

“Went and Never Came Back” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Maimana Yehia, K.I.E.S, Kuwait.

Went and Never Came Back

Far…far away in the old villages, lived a woman that wished to have a baby to give her the care in the destruction age. Every day she set praying with lots of waterfalls of sadness. As she prayed each tear fell from her eyes, dragging with it all the sorrowful emotions that cannot be handled. The hot lava filled her body which the poor body cannot handle anymore. One day, the wish came true and finally the woman was so happy to have a baby like each mother in the world. Every month she faced a new pain that attacked her weak, poor body, but still she had her strong will that kept her up from these pains. After nine months, she gave birth to her angel. On this miracle day, the whole village was invited to her house for the big celebration party. All the villagers were happy for her because they knew how much pain she suffered.

Another nine months, the baby started crawling on the floor and singing with his angelic voice. When he grew up, she tried to provide him with good education and everything that he wished for came to him in a few minutes.

The little boy grew up and it was time to put him in school. At this time the mother did not have enough money to send him in a great school. After a while the poor mother couldn’t find a great job that could provide her with enough money to put her son in a great school and all the higher jobs needed someone that had a great level of education. But the mother didn’t even go to school or college when she was young. She kept on searching and searching for a job until she found a great palace that was for the mayor of a far away city, but the job was to be a maid in that palace. She had her interview and was accepted. However, the job didn’t seem good to her because she had to work arduous in it.

The boy had his interview for school and he was amazingly intelligent which made the school gave him a scholarship. When she heard the good news, she thanked God all mornings and nights. Months passed, and she worked hard. So she earned lots of money. So she decided to buy a new house, move closer to her job and her son’s new school.

Every year the boy brought the full marks in all subjects until he grew up and went to secondary which made the mother had lots of hard work because he needed more money to purchase sufficient school equipments. The poor old mother suffered back injuries because of working hard every day without taking a breath, but she knew after this sufferings God would bless her. Years passed and the boy was growing up, responsibility became bigger and tougher. The health of the poor lady was also started deteriorating. Time passed and finally her son had his exams while his mother took a break from work. As she sat on her bed, she remembered quickly that her young son is having his final exams. The poor old mother jumped in a hurry sitting in her religious place were all her preys took place. While begging, water fell from her wrinkly tired eyes as she kept on praying for her son to pass his exams.

Few weeks passed. It was time to take his report. Though the mother was sick, she quickly took her boy and went to school fast because she received a mail from the principal. Both hearts kept on beating like a train crossing bell that wouldn’t stop ringing until the train passes. They’ve waited outside the office for half an hour because the prinicipal was in a meeting, which increases their heart beat. Talking for a while with the principal calmed their hearts down, but they didn’t stop thinking of the news that the principal wanted to tell. The meeting was over and the mother and the son came out with delighted emotions leaking from their faces which were because the son got the full marks across Europe and Africa. In a few days, the son was accepted in Harvard University. The boy ran swiftly as he knew the news and couldn’t wait to tell his mother. Hearing this satisfying news, she again started crying with happiness. Now it was time to get ready for the colossal celebration that was directed by the Harvard University and the president.

The son arrived holding his mother’s hands into the honouring party with all people clapping for his achievements. He was asked polity to go up stage to receive his award from the president and the ministry of education. As he received his award, he decided to say his words “Firstly, I have to thank all the people for this amazing party, but I would say it bravely in front of you that I don’t deserve this award and this award should go to the main process which is my stunningly king mother.” As the mother heard his beautiful words she started crying and all people clapped so hard which rugged her heart with lots of happiness while going upstage to receive her medal for being the ideal mother.

The intelligent son became more mature and went finally to the best university in the world. Later on he started discovering new things which led him to the worst decisions of choosing the best directions in life. Nights passed by the wrinkled tired eyes, trying to call her son and check if he is alright. Living in a deserted house without a hug or even hearing “I love you mum”. One night the son arrived, shouting at his mother and blaming her for texting and calling him which made him feel embarrassed in front of his friends. The mother was heartbroken and tried to explain to her misunderstanding child that she was worried at him, but he didn’t listen. The next morning, she received lots of emails that said her son’s grade was decreasing in time and never attend in lessons. She tried to control her anger while she talked quietly to her boy trying to tell him to revise and attend to lessons. Instead of taking it as a useful advice, he shouted at her and slammed the door in her face. What happened was forgotten and didn’t like to go back.

One day she forgot to buy her medicine. She walked up with a strong stomach crumbs which couldn’t make her move. She ran quickly to get help from her son, unfortunately she came while he was talking and didn’t want any disturbance which she didn’t come out with a useful thing and the pain became stronger and screams were shaking the walls. When the disobeyed son finished his call, but answered his poor mother in an abusive way which seemed that he didn’t want to serve any help to the old mother. The mom accepted it and took her way to her bedroom by dragging her body and holding her stomach from the strong pain while her son was texting on his phone. After a few poor steps, she had a strong dip. The son was shocked by how strong the sound was and tried to wake her up and was telling her that he will bring her the medicine but she didn’t answer back. He cried a lot and fall on her chest getting all the love before she get buried, but unfortunately he actually missed a huge amount of love in his life. This accident made sentence repeat itself all the time when he was young and his mother used to tell him, “Remember, what you want is always in front of you, but you want to see or feel it unless it disappears.”

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