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Victory of Friendship

“Victory of Friendship” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Ada Goyal, Maharaja Agarsain Public School, Delhi, India.

Victory of Friendship

There lived an incantation - Raman in a city. He was an expert in removing the poison of snake from the body of a person. He never charged for this work. He ran a grocery for his livelihood. He had two sons - Gulshan and Chaman. He was happy and contented in his life.

One day, Raman's son Gulshan fell ill. He tried his best to give his son the best treatment, but he remained sick. Someone told him to go to a doctor – Paul who was able to brig life even to the death.Raman went the doctor with his ill son. The doctor had already left for home, so he went to his house to consult the doctor. There was a function in the doctor's house, so he refused to attend the patient. Raman requested the doorman to inform the seriousness of his son to the doctor, but he refused on the ground that the party was still going on and the doctor was busy with his guests and could not come out. Raman fell on the feet of the doorman and said, “Let me see doctor sahab at least once. I have come with great hope” The doorman melted and went inside. After some time, he came out and said, “Doctor sahab has asked you to come tomorrow at the nursing home.”

Raman sat at a corner with the hope that the doctor may come out-side. After some time, the doctor did come outside, but not to see the patient, but to receive his foreign guest. When the doctor was taking to his guest inside, Raman rushed to him and fell on his feet saying , “Kindly save my son …. if you treat him he will be recovered.”

“Oh! What are you doing? I have told you to come to – marrow at the nursing home. Now I am busy with my guest.” The doctor said and went in with his guests. Seeing the doctor going inside, Raman was stunned and could not believe whether a doctor can be so cruel.

He came back home with a heavy heart. His son Gulshan died by the same night. It made Raman very sad. He was very shocked with the recent tragedy. In fact, he had come to know the truth of the world. His wife pacified him and helped him to tolerate the loss of their son. Somehow, Raman recovered from the shock and decided to make his other so – Chaman a doctor so that he would help the poor and the helpless.

Chaman also wanted to make the dream of his father real. He studied hard. He always stood first in his class and got scholarship for his studies. He also stood first in the XII class and then got second position in medical entrance exam. It enabled him to get scholarship in the medical college also. On the other hand, the son of Doctor Paul – Neelesh also got admission in the same medical college with Chaman. Both were good friends, and teachers, were happy with them. One day, both boys talked about their respective families, Chaman told him, “We are three at home. My father runs a grocery that is the only source of income for my family. I have got scholarship for the medical studies. Now tell me about your family. Neelesh told him , “My father's name is Dr. Paul. He is a famous doctor. He can make a dead alive.” Chaman said, “Is your father the same who has a nursing home on Chawla Road? All people praise and know him as Akhilesh Paul!”

“Yes ! Yes! He is my father.” Neelesh said with excitement.

The same doctor! How can I forget him, ' murmured Chaman. He recollected the tragedy that happened twelve years back. His color changed to pale and he broke into tears.

“Hello Chaman ! What happened to you?” asked Neelesh putting his hand on Chaman’s shoulder.

“Nothing ! I just refreshed my memory!” Chaman said and wipe out his tears.

“I have an urgent piece of work at home,” he said and left.

Seeing Chaman sad, his mother asked him the reason . He said, “Do you know, who is my friend ? He is the son of the killer of my brother.”

“What are you speaking? I do not understand.” said is mother.

“But, I am getting him,” said his father. Chaman hugged his father and wept bitterly.

I reminded them the same scene when Gulshan died due to the supposed negligence of Dr. Paul.

Chaman told his father about his friendship with the son of Dr. Paul. His father said, “Gulshan died of his own death as per God's wish. Now we should not think of his death. You are the only expectation of us now. It is all our fate. Why should we blame others for anything?”

“But, in case, Dr. Paul had treated him, he would have saved him. He had killed my brother and poses himself as a big doctor! Hell to him!” said Chaman. He had got emotion.

“Have patience, my son! God is there. He is observing everything. A man has to gave the account of his deed at last,” said his father, “You continue to study hard.”

Then, someone knocked at the door. He opened the door. The visitor said, “A snake has bitten my brother's wife. Kindly come with me.”

“Yes, I will come with you,” said Raman. But Chaman intervened and said, “You must be tired. I have taught my art to my son, As I am old now, he will continue to help the people. Take him with you. Nothing would happen to your brother's wife.” Chaman got ready and left with the visitor quickly. He treated the patient well. On his return, he was happy and told his father that lady was fine.

Thereafter, a crack appeared in the friendship of Chaman and Neelesh. Chaman kept himself in his studies. Neelesh realised it, so he asked him, “Why are you avoiding me nowadays? You can scold me for any mistake of mine, but do not ignore me, please.”

“No, nothing's like that. I am not at all angry with you,” said Chaman.

“Then come with me to my house. My parents want to see you. They used to ask me about the friend who helps me in my studies,” said Neelesh

“No , not today. I have an urgent piece of work today. So we will go some other day, OK!” Thus, Chaman avoided to go with him.

Chaman used to avoid Neelesh's invitation to visit his house again and again. But, over the years, their friendship continued to get deepened. Chaman was impressed by his politeness and simplicity. Once he thought, ' Why should I punish the innocent son who is just opposite to his father? And they kept on coming closer to each other. But, every now and then, the death of his brother pinched Chaman for the revenge.

With the passage of time, both of them became doctors. Neelesh opted to run the nursing home of his father and Chaman took a government job in a hospital.

In the due course both the parents of Chaman became old and finally passed away. They had already settled the marriage of Chaman with Nirupama who was a good - natured girl.

Soon, they got married and led a happy married life. His wife always cooperated with him and used to help him in his work too.

One day, while Chaman was getting ready for his hospital, someone rang the doorbell. Chaman said, “Neeru, go and answer the door. I m busy.”

The man on the door kept on pressing the button of the bell without giving time to open the door. So Nirupma cried. “Have patience!I will just open the door.” Then she asked him to wait, but the man was in hurry meet the doctor.

“Come in and be seated,” said Nirupama and went inside to call Chaman.

Chaman came and asked him, “Tell me, what has happened to you?”

“Nothing is wrong with me, but a snake has bitten the son of my master. Only you can save his life,” said the visitor.

“All right! I will come with you, May god bless your master. But, by the way, what is the name of your master?” Meanwhile, he said to Niprupma, “Inform he was talking to Nirupama. The visitor said, “ His name is Neelesh Paul, the son of famous doctor Paul.”

Suddenly, Chaman got stunned and changed his tune. He said, “ I am going to hospital for urgent operation. A patient's life is in danger, so I cannot come with you. You can call another doctor. By the way, your master is himself a doctor.”

The visitor implored, “He is very serious and his life is in danger. Kindly save him.” But Chaman cried, “No , I do not have time. Can’t you hear me?”

Hearing the noise, Nirupama came there. She had never seen Chaman in anger before. She was also surprised to see the way he refused to go with the visitor. The visitor went away. ‘Now he would realise the sorrows in the life after losing his own son. He had ignored the request of my father, and my brother died. So, why should I go to save his son? He did not save my brother, ' Chaman murmured.

Nirupama said that “Friendship is always above enmity. We have, otherwise , no enmity with Dr. Paul. Year back, there was a death in our family and Neelesh is your friend, a good friend. He did nothing wrong to us. He has always behaved in a loving manner and treated you as his dear and near one. You must go there to save his life.”

After listening this, he started running towards Neelesh house. While running he got clashed with a table than the director said cut. In reality it was a movie shouting going on.

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