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Unforgettable Friendship

“Unforgettable Friendship” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Gabriella Suparta, Sekolah Citra Berkat, Indonesia.

Unforgettable Friendship

Once upon a time, there were 2 close friends named Christine & Clara. They were so close. But once they quarreled because of a problem. They quarreled for weeks.

When they’re friendship anniversary. Christine was in place where they met. Clara also quickly approached this place. But Christine didn’t know whether Clara wanted to this place & Clara also quickly didn’tt know whether Christine approached in this place. While they met. Christine and Clara direct said, “What are you doing here? “ They were shocked because they said the same words.

They also sad, because they remembered the moments when they were friends for years. But they broke there friendship. Finally they forgot each other. Because they missed each other played together.

They also played together with joy. They played in the place where they met. They were very happy because they could play together again.

One year later. Again they were fighting over the unimportant hall, but this argument was very loud.

Because Christine and Clara had hit each other, it was so upset. They both were very–very upset and hated each other, but they loved each other, even they hated one to another.

But, because they were upset that they couldn’t over come her hate even they loved each other. That was like they had more time wore. Today is their birthday.

They started to be upset, because their birthday, they made one more quarrel. They guiltied each other, because they wanted to celebrate their friendship anniversary together. Finally they forgot each other and played together.

One day, Christine went out of town. Clara cried.

A few days later, Clara became sick, because she missed Christine. When Christine knew it, she went to Clara’s house. Clara was so happy to see Christine. Christine took care of Clara for 1 month.

But, Clara was not well yet. She was taken to hospital. Clara had a serious illness, the beginning of brain cancer. She was treated for 2 months for this disease.

But, Clara didn’t know what kind of illnes did she have. Christine didn’t tell anything to Clara, because she scared, because it will make Clara sad. Clara told to her friend that she had dengue fever.

One day, Clara was playing backet with Christine. But, suddenly she fainted.

Christine was afraid of telling the seriousness of the illness of Clara. So, she didn’t tell anything to her friend. Christine was aware that if Clara know about her illness somehow, she will be angry to her. Lots of thoughts passed through the brain of Christine. Finally Christine told Clara that her disease is brain cancer. Clara was very shocked and cried incessantly.

Clara hospitalized for months. Finally her illness is healed. Christine was really happy. Clara and Christine remembered their child hood.

They remembered each moment they spent together. Start from photo, videos played together, and annyversery birthdays and friendship. Clara and Christine felt sad. Because Clara and Christine remember there was quarrel between them.

Finally, Christine went out of town. Although Clara wassad, she was sincere. So Christine and Clara separeted each other. Finally, the weather became sunny, though Christine and Clara missed each other.

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