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Two Dives People

“Two Dives People” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Amy Park, Shanghai Community International School, China.

Two Dives People

Have you ever seen mean riches teasing others? Did you ever wanted to teach them a lesson? Then this book will be perfect for YOU!!!!!

There were two dives man and woman. One likes to help others. Her name was Flora. She would like to pay for poor people who can't get proper food, bread earner (Etc)... Everybody thought she was very friendly. She wasn't so rich, but she was happy, because she had family all over the world. She was even nice to the mean rich! Why is Flora being so kind and warm? This is the pass of her.

Once, there was a girl named Flora. She had a brother and a sister. Her brother’s name was Timmy and sister's name was Maria. Timmy and Maria were so nice to Flora. Before they play, they always asked Flora what she would want to play. And she also saw her parents helping other people that are hurt or poor. Also her mother talked to Flora if there's a choice between right or kind, always choose kind. She learned respect and caring from her warm family.

One rich was mean. He hated to take the money out from his wallet. Even 1 dollar! His name was Domino. When he saw a poor people, they beg to give them a small piece of bread, he would just ignore them and tell them they’re going to be kick out of the house if they don't be quiet. Everybody thought he was so inattentive. But why is Domino so mean? Here is a pass for Domino.

Once, there was a boy who lived with his uncle. His name was Tom. He was really nice. He always wanted to help. Tom's mom and dad was so busy working in France. Uncle loved Tom. But Tom had no aunt. She loves to travel a lot. So, she was missing in a few day after that. So, his uncle decided to get a new wife. Next evening, uncle's new wife arrived. Her name was Cathy. She had one daughter. Cathy introduced her daughter. Her name was Chloe.

Tom woke up in 1 o'clock in the morning because Chloe was dancing right upstairs of Tom's room. So, Tom went upstairs to say stop. But Chloe was in the bed. Then Cathy and uncle wake up. They said, "What's happening?" they were mad at Tom for waking them up. "Tom, what were you thinking about coming up to your new sister's room and waking all of us up?" Tom looked at the bed but Chloe was not there. She was crying! She said, "Tom was teasing me by calling me in funny nickname!" "What are you thinking, Tom, to do these to your new sister? You are even horrible then I thought!" "I'm so sorry for that, Cathy." After they had been gone, Chloe started to laugh. "You have to act like me if you want to get love! Ha! Ha!" But Tom didn't care.

From that day, Chloe started to play more serious jokes on him. Like break the old Chinese vase that Tom's aunt bought in 10 years ago, making up lies, even more! But every single time, she got escaped from every situation because she was younger. Tom's feeling started to change. He's heart got filled with revenge feelings. He thought 'Chloe was right in the first place! I have to act like that! Then she is also going to be punished!' After that, he acted like Chloe. Then his uncle and Cathy thought Chloe was doing such a rude thing. So they got mad at Chloe. Then that mean stuff became habit for Tom. He started to get lot of money, because it was his dream to be a rich. After he got dive, he didn't helped anyone. He didn't actually trust anybody after that situation happened.

One day, the riches were gallivanting together. Then Domino saw Mike giving out her money to the poor peoples. Domino asked, "Why are you wasting your money to them? You rather pay for the appetizing snack." "Nah, I have enough of delicious snack at home. What am I going to do with all of these moneys? I think it's better to take care of them then buy some useless things that YOU don't need." "Whatever." He said.

Next day, Flora was walking down the street. But he saw Domino taking money from the blind man. Flora couldn't believe what Domino was doing! She got so mad that he started to yell at him. "YOU WERE JUST STEALING MONEY FROM THE BLIND MAN! DO YOU KNOW HOW SHAMEFUL IT IS? I CAN'T BELIEVE I WAS FRIEND WITH YOU!" Flora stamped away with very grieved and indignant face. But he didn't care.

That night, Domino had a dream. At the dream, he felt so realistic. He was in the street. But somehow he was wearing shabby clothing. He was walking down the street then he met Flora. He begged her to give something clean to wear or something to eat. Then she just ignored him and said, "I thought this was what you did to other poor peoples who begged you! How does it feel to be like this?" "Never mind. Why would I ask someone who’s mad at me by just stealing 10 dollar?" Then Flora walked away with infuriated face.

Somehow Domino could read other peoples mind by looking at them. Everybody who was going beside Domino was trying to not even touch him. He stared at them. They were thinking the same thing. "Why would I help him when he said such a mean thing to us?"

Domino looked at his pocket. He had 10 dollar. He went to a cheap hotel. There were extra rooms but they said no to him. Everybody in the world ignored him, didn't care about him. He thought it was horrible. He wished he want to go back to his home. Then he will be nice to everybody.

He woke up. He was sweating. Domino looked outside. It was very sunny day. He straightly went to Flora. Domino said he was very sorry for what he did. He was very scared that Flora wouldn't accept his apology. But she was very kind and understanding! She forgave Domino. They hang out together and they got to be called Happy Helpers!

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