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True Friends

“True Friends” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Owen Carlino Gunawan, Sekolah Citra Berkat, Indonesia.

True Friends

Ani and Ratna were friends from childhood and they like to help each other. One day, they were resting. They were eating Ani bought rice but she has little money. Ratna gave the rest of the money and the next morning Ratna doesn’t prepare her school books. When the school bell rang all the students in school went to their respective classes and when the teacher came all the students took out.

Ratna took everything including his book out. All his friends laughed at Ratna except Ani. Ani was very pity for Ratna. They went home when the bell rang. When he reached home, he forgot to do his work. He saw his schedule and he's gone to get her books straight and she went to play. Ani finished her work, she did not go to play, instead, she did her homework first.

Ratna and Ani didn’t get scolding from their teacher in the past. Ratna visited the house of Ani to invite her. But, she did not finish her work, so she didn’t go.

The next day, they both went to school. They were aware that children should not want to be reprimanded with teachers and friends. Friend laughs not like Ratna. Both of them were lazy and mutual enemies at school. While at school Ratna and Ani still rivals. Sisi and Winda saw them do not get along, as usual. Winda made plans for Ani and Ratna to make them friends again. Winda mixed the books of Ratna and Ani together. When the bell rang, students started to go their homes. But, Ratna and Ani could not because they could not sort out their books. Therefre, Side and Winda prepared more plans to make Ratna and Ani to get along better.

They've used all the plans they know a little bit and Winda had very nice plans. Sisi invited Ratna to a temporary park Winda invited Ani to the park as well and Winda and Sisi jumped off and swear Sisi swearing behind a rock. The big one and Winda were cursing behind a big tree. And finally Ani and Ratna apologized each other. Later, Ani, Ratna, Winda, and Sisi become true friends like you used to.

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