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“Time” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Yashi Nagayach, Adrash Vidhy Mandir Weir Bharatpur, India.


She was going as it was daily, even today, at the same time, she was terrified by the voice of someone coming from the past. She stopped and looked back and saw a boy coming from behind.. There were not even fine clothes for him, he was wearing a broken T-shirt and a torn pajamas. Yogita knew him well. His father was a farmer. He caught dengue and he treated for a long time. The possibility of survival was very low. He had no money for his treatment. He had to work hard for his two-hour roti. His father arranged a lot of money with him. He had nothing left.

A farmer has a farmer's only means of livelihood. His crop was worse even in the next year. So he could not read the next year too. It was studied at the time but the government schemes were not there. He gave up hope of reading . He started reducing on tea handling. Yogita was thinking that Ramesh came so many times. He stopped and asked that in which school did I study and in which class. Yogita teased him saying that in the same school I study in class seven but you reduce on tea handling. Hearing so much, Ramesh walked away from there and thus time passed. Yogita was never received by Ramesh. Later, after 12 years, when Yogita got a job in a government hospital, she was surprised to know that her senior was Ramesh whom she had stabbed a long time ago. Then she asked Ramesh how did all this happen. Then Ramesh said very humbly that on the day you beat me, I did not feel bad, but I swore that I had to become something and even while minimizing the tea ban. Ramesh went there by saying this. Yogita started standing there thinking that this is all a game of time and she understood the importance of time.

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