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Time Changes Every Thing

“Time Changes Every Thing” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Udheyami, India.

Time Changes Every Thing

A 26 years old man named Chandu lived in Portblair. Chandu’s family was my mom’s neighbour in Rangat. Portblair and Rangat are the part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands situated in the south-east of Indian peninsula.

During those days Chandu was 14 years old, but he was far more matured than an average 14 year old child. My mom used to talk a lot about him, Chandu was self reliant person. He never wanted to depend upon any one for anything. He used to do all his work by himself, not only cleaning and arranging his room but also he used to prepare his own break fast.

As his mother was a working woman she did not mind he doing all the work on the contrary she appreciated his quality. Chandu had a girlfriend named Lilly.

Millie was Chandu’s maternal side cousin and she was elder to him by 4 years she was very pretty. She liked him very much.

Chandu was fond of fishing, daily he used to go for fishing. He always shared his collection with his neighbours.

In school he was helping-hand to many students and teachers; every thing was going on smoothly in Chandu’s life till 26Th December 2004. It was the horrible, terrible, black day for all islanders. Tsunami occurred.

The coasts in the Andaman Nicobar islands were devastated by mighty Tsunami waves, the interior of the islands were destroyed by the earth quake followed by tsunami. Chandu lost his mom and his eyes also and soon Lilly also left him.

The workaholic Chandu, the ever- ready to help others was now a dependent, he couldn’t even walk without the help of a stick, the chatterbox was transformed to an introvert.

Chandu had to discontinue his studies. In 2007 he shifted to Portblair, the capital city of Andaman. There he learnt ‘Brail’ and studied in Blind school. However the depression had changed his total personality, the cool – calm guy was now short tempered; he used to get irritated often.

The time passed on and then Chandu was 23 years old. One day he was in his house. Suddenly the door bell rang, he got up, and after a fumble he reached the door and opened it.

Hi, I am Millie said the intruder, my mom has sent me here to take care of you.

Chandu responded: I don’t want any sympathy and I don’t want anybody’s help. You may leave.

“How rude of you, I am your guest, you should offer me a glass of water, a cup of coffee, on the contrary you are insulting me” she argued.

Chandu countered: “This is not a restaurant where you can get coffee.”

Millie tried to pacify him “Why are you so rude? Be calm, relax, enjoy and love your life, just laugh”

“Laugh for what? because God took away my eyes, my mom or because My girlfriend left me ? Laugh for what?” Chandu burst.

Millie said: “I know there is a problem in your life but Thank God that you have a life , there are so many people who wants to live but they don’t have enough life, they are suffering from fatal disease, think about those people , you will feel your problem is nothing in front of their problems.” She added “Actually I came here to inform you that we have found out a donor for you and soon you will get your sight back.”

“Oh My God! This is the happiest news.” He exclaimed and added “If at all I get my vision back the first I would like to see you Millie.

Millie left the room.

After two months Chandu was in hospital, the operation was successful; the Doctor was removing the bandage from the Chandu’s eye, and asked him to open his eyes slowly.

Chandu could see every thing; he asked the Dr. “Where is Millie?”

“Millie is no more” Doctor replied “Actually she was a cancer patient and it is she who donated her eyes to you before she died.

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