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The Worst and the Best

“The Worst and the Best” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Tvishi Kumar, Lammersville Unified School District, USA.

The Worst and the Best

Well let us think hmmm….Are you finished thinking? Okay well what did you think of? Well I thought of a perfect day. Now, why are you asking about the thought of a perfect day? Well today is really a bad day. I mean really a bad day. Are you ready to hear it?

When I woke up this morning, my little brother was pouncing on me and yelling “It’s Christmas!!!” I couldn’t believe it my brother believed it. This “It” actually a prank I played on him. He would not go to sleep last night. So, I said “Tomorrow is Christmas and Santa won’t come until you go to sleep”. He totally believed it and went straight to bed. In the morning, when he finally stopped pouncing on me I told him it was just a prank. He got so angry that he kicked and punched me, and I was screaming and calling for my parents. When my parents finally came they asked me to get ready for school as I was running late for school. I gave my brother a big punch and got ready for school.

When I got to my classroom everyone started to laugh. I didn’t know why they were laughing. As I took my seat, everyone pointed to my shirt. I looked around and I saw a big ketchup stain on my shirt. I quickly raised my hand and asked to go to the bathroom. When I got back from the bathroom there was still a stain, so I wore the jacket for the rest of the day. Everyone was whispering and pointing at me during the recess. I think it was because everyone in my class told all their friends about the ketchup stain incident.

When I got home all I did was cry on my bed until I got the idea about writing my thoughts and feeling in my diary and now I am here. Hmmmmm, are you ready to hear about my perfect day? Let’s start then, I woke up at 9:30 am on Saturday. I would usually go back to sleep but today was Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! I quickly put on my dress I got yesterday and grab the presents for my parents and my brother. I walked downstairs then started to hear music. When I got closer, I saw it was a party. I very slyly and very quickly put my presents under the Christmas tree. I walked outside from where the music was coming from. As soon as I stepped outside my jaw dropped. The party was amazing it had great food and lots of color and brightness. It was a warm and sunny day. The theme of the party was red and white. When I saw my parents I rushed straight to them. When I asked them about the party they said they just wanted to have a little change. I started to enjoy the party until my parents announced it was time to open gifts. We all rushed to the living room where the Christmas tree was. I actually counted how much I had …. 23!!! I couldn’t believe it. My friends all got one present from my parents. My parents are really good at giving gifts I got a few slime kits and lots of squishies and many more. After everyone was done opening their gifts we made gingerbread houses we got impatient and put candy on top of icing. We also watched 3 movies and made a super big tent. We put our sleeping bags, books, flashlights, snacks, stuffed animals, and a laptop. There were lots of fun games and we also got to go to the pool. When we got back we took a bath and ate food.

Lastly, we started playing with our gifts. Before we went to bed my dad said he had one more gift. When I opened it, it was a puppy. It had golden colored fur and the darkest eyes I had ever seen. The next day when everyone left we went to the pet store to buy a collar, bed, and toys. My parents said I didn’t have to go to school so I could train him but only for 2 days because Tuesday was bring a pet to school and my brother couldn’t bring the dog to school. He was learning very well and on Tuesday everyone wanted to be friends with me. I picked the coolest person.

I wish that was real because it was amazing right? If that came true I would die, so here the end of this story. I think it is time for supper. Bye diary.

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