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The Treasure

“The Treasure” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Lucía Gómez Muñoz, EL Cole De Los Pekes, Spain.

The Treasure

It was a beautiful day in the street where all the children were laughing, having fun and playing all together. But there was a girl that was in her bedroom reading books about a strange treasure in the jungle. She thought that all the books that she read were real.

The girl was a teenager, she had long blond hair. She was very shy but now is not so shy. She´s called Laura. One day she had the opportunity to go through the jungle, she remembered the book she read. Two days before she had been to the jungle with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. Laura couldn´t go to the jungle alone, so she went with her parents.

It was eight o´clock in the morning, Laura got in a white and big car that didn´t have doors to get in. The driver was very grumpy so he left them in the middle of the jungle. Laura didn´t know what had happened because her parents were arguing with the driver, because that place was not the place that Laura´s parents said that they were going. This is beautiful!, said Laura. The jungle was full of green trees, grass and plants. Laura liked it very much. Suddenly Laura and her father heard a strong noise that came from the trees. The driver ran his car with a scary expression in his face. Laura was very frightened, so she hugged her mother. Her father was looking up to see what happened with the noise and Laura got in a cave.

There was strange thing like in her book, she remembered her book.

-It is like a monkey, Laura said. Later Laura asked: - “Are you a monkey?” and the animal said: “Yes, how do you know it?”

Laura was surprised. Suddenly a car came, and her parents disappeared. Laura was thinking that the car picked them up! It was ten o´clock at night. Laura was happy and saying: “I have a magic book!” She was repeating like ten times, but at the same times she was sad because she was alone in the jungle. Later Laura asked to the monkey: “Do you have a book for me?” and the monkey responded: “Yes! How do you know it?

- I’m as surprised as you! -Ok, this is for you, take care please” said the monkey. “Thank you!” said Laura.

Laura was surprised. She was walking like three hours while she was reading. The book had lots of adventures. The first one was one about pirates, she was a little bit sad because the boy that appeared in the story was poor. The second adventure was about mermaids. She liked it very much because there was a princess mermaid that was very pretty. The third one was about fantastic animals, like the unicorn. It was like one hundred adventures. At the last story Laura was surprised because it was a small door. She opened it and it was written: “This is your treasure, like in your book”.

Suddenly she was with her parents in her bedroom. Laura was thinking what was happening with the book.

Later she laughed and hugged her parents.

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