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The Thunder Storm

“The Thunder Storm” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Kaylee Koh Lee Shen, Sri KDU Primary School, Malaysia.

The Thunder Storm

Hi, I am Kaylee and I am eight years old. Today, I will be telling you a story called ‘The Thunder Storm’.

I have five best friends. They are Hannah, Mika, Charmaine, Vivian and Anggun. One day, Mika and Hannah were playing in the school library. So, Anggun, Vivian and I went to the library to join them. Just then, my father called me and said, “There will be a big storm. Please be careful.” We were all scared because the storm might destroy our things. Mika asked, “If there is a big storm, where do we go and how do we go back home?” Hannah was as scared as I was, because we are both the youngest among the five of us.

Suddenly, lightning struck. “BONG!” “BANG!” Fierce thunder roared loudly. It gave everyone a shock.

Just moments ago, Charmaine and Heng Joe came to us while we were talking about thunders and lightning. Heng Joe said, “I am not afraid of thunder. Why would I be scared?”. He went to the window to see how bad the storm was outside. “BANG!” It was the thunder again. Suddenly, we heard a scream. It was Heng Joe! He was scared of the thunder too!

We laughed hysterically. Charmaine said, “Are you sure, you are scared of the thunder, Heng Joe. You screamed so loudly.” Heng Joe replied, “No, I am not. I am not a coward like all of you.” “You’re funny, Heng Joe, but I still think you’re a coward,” said Mika as she chuckled softly. “Hannah and I said that we are scared of the thunder so just be honest, we won’t laugh,” said Anggun.


“What is that sound?” I asked. Charmaine said, “It is coming from there.” We looked at the old cupboard sitting at the corner of the library.


“There must be something in there!” cried me. “Heng Joe, since you’re the oldest and the bravest, why don’t you go and find out what is in the cupboard?”

Heng Joe went to look in the cupboard but could not find anything. He decided to play a trick on us. “BOO!” cried Heng Joe. “AAAAAAAAAAH….!” screamed everyone. “Don’t do that! You’re mean, Heng Joe,” cried Hannah. Heng Joe replied, “Oh, I’m sorry. I was just playing with all of you.” The thunder roared once more. Mika said, “Don’t worry everyone. At least we have each other.”

All of a sudden, the lights in the library went off. It was pitch black in there. No one could see anything.

“I’m scared, Hannah. What do we do now?” I said. Mike replied, “Calm down. We will protect you, and everyone else. Just stay close to each other.”

There was a knock on the door. “Oh no, who is that? Now, I am really scared,” said Hannah. Heng Joe suddenly shouted from the other end, “I found the torch!” We were so happy although the thunder kept roaring. So, we talked and talked until the lights came back on. The thunder still roared but it was less scary now because we had lights and we had each other. By then, everyone else had gone home.

Heng Joe went outside to see if the storm had made a big mess. He shouted, “There is no big mess!” Soon our parents came to get us and we all went home safely. I am so thankful that I have good friends to be with me throughout the scary time I had in the library.

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