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The Shagiba Paradise

“The Shagiba Paradise” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Mariska Afolabi, RA International School, Nigeria.

The Shagiba Paradise

On a planet faraway, an evil ruler controlled his people as slaves, but two people planned to break out of the system, free all the slaves on the planet and turn the planet into a paradise!

“All march to your places of work, all march to your places of work!” the evil ruler commanded. All the slaves had no choice but to obey his order. But unknown to the evil ruler whose name was Yipaw, two little six year-old girls named Piney and Powny (who were African Americans and invisible), planned to break out, free all the slaves and turn the planet into a paradise.

These two heroines were both similar and different. Each had different color eyes; The eyes of one was green, the other was blue. There was a special, gloomy and extravagant mirror they could view themselves in to see how they looked.

Later in the day the two girls went into action of their plan. “This is going to be so fun” Powny whispered excitedly into her sister’s ear.”

You’ve got to be serious sis.” Piney whispered back. “Fine, uggh!” Powny replied in a frustrated tone.

The twins held hands and took the biggest breaths, and Piney said “We’ve got to do this sis, even if it might be our last breaths” almost breaking into crying.

There they went holding hands so tightly they jumped out of the glass with their gadgets coming after them. The glass shattered into the smallest pieces but surprisingly there was no evidence of blood seen on their bodies. Unexpectedly, there was a park at their landing point so they landed on a trampoline! They each came down with their gadgets which were flashing laser guns and flash drives (wonder what they’ll use them for). When people saw the laser guns and flash drives floating in the air (it looked as if it was floating because they were invisible) all the people ran into their houses because they were all afraid.


The twins were just trying out their lasers harshly. Soon they swung into action by going to Yipaw’s house which was always unlocked; (we wonder why) they ran so quickly and broke into the house due to their speed. Even though the door was open! (Funny of them to do). Once they entered, an army of robots formed a straight long line. “BEAT THEM UP NOW!” the evil ruler raged furiously “where have they gone now, wait did anyone even come in because I didn’t see anybody!” the two little girls chuckled. “Where did that come from” once he heard the chuckling he ran straight out breaking the window. “WAIT” the two little girls said in a deep and strong voice. Surprisingly he obeyed. Once he stood in front of them following the voices covered in blood shivering with fear, Pinny and Powny stuck their flash drives into each of his ears; and that sucked up all his memory “one last thing” the twins said at the exact same time. And… BBBZZZ


“Now back to you guys” Pinny said to the robots “you don’t have to worry about them, they’ll just faint, they’re only brainless robots” and they did straight away. So they just took out their flash drives and did the same thing they had done to their master.

Two months later a whole new planet named the Shagiba Paradise emerged as the most beautiful tourist destination in the whole wide world. All the former slaves even lived there.

The twins had fulfilled their mission yippee!

From that day on the twins were visible and loved. They ruled the paradise with love and peace! YIPAW and his evil was totally forgotten!

The paradise lived happy ever after………………………………

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