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The Secret Door

“The Secret Door” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Asyifa Nayla Adiazzahra, Sekolah Citra Berkat, Indonesia.

The Secret Door

Once, there were 8 friends who lived in one house. They were, Mellya, Sally, Vivo, Micul, Affa, Zefa, Viu and Syifa. In the afternoon, Affa, Zefa, and Syifa were jogging around their home. Near their home, there is a park. After jogging they rested in the park. Affa and Zefa were chatting with each other. Syifa was straightening her legs. Then, Syifa saw a paper fall. Syifa took it. It turned out, that paper was a map that showed the direction to a very secret door. Syifa showed that map to Affa and Zefa. Affa and Zefa saw the map. It was almost night. They rushed to go home. After arriving home, Syifa told about the map to her other friends. After her friends saw the map, Micul said “what if we follow the direction of the map?” And others said “agree!”

They also prepared the equipment they might need during the journey to the secret door. Such as, strops, flashlights, foods, matches, medicines, drinks, batteries for flashlights, etc. The clock is at 8.30 p.m. They immediately set out. After they had reached the middle of the jungle, they were all very hungry because from home they had not eaten anything. Finally they decided to rest in a big tree. They also lit a born fire and slept in there.

The next day, Viu woke up earlier, and she also woke her friends. Though they all woke up, Vivo still felt sleepy. There was a river near the tree. Syifa took the water from the river and splashed the water into Vivo’s face. And finally Vivo woke up. They continued they journey to the secret door. They heard strange sound, but they still continued they journey. They saw the big cave in front of them. In the map, the secret door is in that cave. They enter to that cave. In the cave it`s so dark. Until they can`t see anything. Unfortunately Sally, Zeffa, Afaa and Syifa carry the flashlights. They ignited the flashlights and shared the team make into 4 teams. There were two persons in each team. Sally with Mellya, Zefa with Vivo, Affa with Micul, and Syifa with Viu.

They all scattered with their respective teams. But they all did not immediately find the door. They got a lot of obstacles. When they reached the end of the cave, they found nothing. They were very confused. Then Viu stepped on something. And there was the sound of an open door. Viu and Syifa called friends to see the door. After the friends Viu and Syifa came, they decided to go to the door. This time they were together to find out the secrecy of the door.

Because inside the door is dark, they light their flashlight. However, Syifa's silent flashlight died. Fortunately Zefa brought backup batteries. Syifa was instantly exchange new batteries to the flashlight. After the flashlight of Syifa lighted up, they proceeded to look for the secrecy of the door. Sally found a very dusty book. Sally opened the book and got the map again. Sally called her friends to see what she finds. They wanted to follow the direction of the map. However, they have not been able to find their way out. Finally they managed to find a way out and follow the direction of the map. Once there, they found the door again. Micul also opened the door. They were very surprised and confused because inside the door were a lot of goods - goods that were very expensive and rare. Where do all these things came from? Mellya said. They wented in and looked at all the stuff. Because it was late, they decided to go home, and locked the secret door with a padlock. When they reached the forest, they rested in the same tree; they lit a fire, and then slept. The next morning, they went back home. They got home safely.

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