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The Search of the Rainbow Chocolate

“The Search of the Rainbow Chocolate” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Lucas Choo Winxu, Sri KDU Primary School, Malaysia.

The Search of the Rainbow Chocolate

It began in the ancient Mesoamericans who first cultivated cacao (cocoa) beans until now. There was a legend that there is a magical rainbow chocolate hidden in the deepest darkest Forrest. And I, Jason will be the one that to find it with my friends Jack and Milla. But there is an evil team 'Team Evil' who want to steal the chocolate and rule the world. We started the search by going into the deepest, darkest forest. Jack was so scared. "Are you sure that it is safe in there, I heard that whoever gets in will never come out," said Jack. But Milla doesn't care, she just wanted to find the rainbow chocolate and protect it. To be honest with you, I am also kind of scared after hearing what Jack said.

So we went into the forest slowly and as we walked in to the forest, we heard a weird and strange sound near the bushes. Milla and I went to check it out but Jack was too scared. When we peaked into the bushes, we saw a baby cocoa. The baby cocoa saw us and ran away. "Quickly! We must follow it" said Milla but it was too fast. While we were chasing it, Jack tripped over a small rock. The baby cocoa ran into a very dark cave. Jack again, was scared of the dark. So, we had to drag him into the cave but he was very fat because he loves to eat.

When we were in the cave, it was pitch black, so we had to use our flashlights. Actually I don't like dark and muddy places because I found it creepy. After a long walk in the cave, we heard someone said, "Who dares to enter my cave?" We were all shocked. A giant golem appeared. The giant golem said, "If you want to leave my cave, you will have to answer my riddle." Then he asked, "What is brown, sweet and people eat it for a snack?" Luckily, Milla was a smart girl. She said,"That's easy, the answer is chocolate!" The golem allowed us out of the cave. Before we exit, we saw Team Evil. The golem also asked them the same riddle. Without even thinking, one of them said, "Poop!" and the golem threw them out of the cave and into the sky. We watched them flying up in the air as we continued our mission.

We saw the baby cocoa again, suddenly he started running away from us and again, we chased it. We all ended up in a chocolate village with chocolate people, animals and plants too. We were so excited. The baby cocoa went into chocolate castle with chocolate icing on the top and came out the leather of the chocolate village. I asked, "Can we please have a look at the rainbow chocolate?" At first, I thought they won’tallow us but they did! As soon as they took out the rainbow chocolate, Team Evil came swinging around with a vine and grabbed the Rainbow Chocolate. Everyone was very shocked. Without the rainbow chocolate in place, their village will be destroyed. The leather told us to take the chocolate helicopter to chase after them. So we quickly went on the chocolate helicopter with a bunch of chocolate armies. We were tracking down the rainbow chocolate.

A few seconds later, we found the rainbow chocolate with Team Evil under the bridge. We flew down to the bridge and found Team Evil. They ran away but we surrounded them. But they used a grappling hook to escape and we chased after them again. To our surprise, a giant chocolate dragon appeared and it was hypnotized by Team Evil. We used all of our weapons but it was hopeless. The dragon chased us into a small chocolate cave. Suddenly Jack had an idea, "What if we eat the dragon?" said Jack. "But the dragon can't be eaten because it is the king’s pet," said one of the soldiers. "The only way is to capture the dragon and bring it to its parents to recall his memories," said the other soldier. So, we threw thick and strong chocolate net around it and someone put the dragon to sleep. We placed the dragon on a wagon and drove if to its parents’ cave.

The dragon's parents were shocked, so they woke the dragon up and the chocolate dragon began to go crazy. A soldier said, "Go and find the rainbow chocolate, we got this!” We got on the helicopter and went on the chase. We finally got face to face this time. We gathered all of our weapons. Without even doing anything, they surrendered and gave us the rainbow chocolate. We returned to the village and placed the rainbow chocolate back in place. The dragon went back to normal. Everyone was happy and they had a big feast. Remember, my name is Jason and see you in the next book.

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