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The Robber of Space

“The Robber of Space” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Soory Pratap Singh, Subash Inter college Bangermau, Unnao, India.

The Robber of Space

Scientist Hogben was sitting in laboratory to know the result of his experiment. All of a sudden, he exclaimed with joy, ”Ureka !”. It was clean that the experiment had been successful. At least he had done a wonderful piece of work. Dr. Hogben wanted to reach the human body with soul from one place to another without any carrier. However this distance may be from one planet to another. At last Dr. Hogben had made it possible. He knew well that the words of great scientist Einstein, the metal could be changed in to energy. But the doctor Hogben was thinking more than this. He passed his more time only in the laboratory. He had been successful to change energy in to mental by experiment. Then he made a complex instrument. Then he made a complicated. First of all Dr. Hogben changed white rats into waves and sent them on to the moon. Having reached the white rats turned into its real body. Before it he had sent this information to his dear disciple Abhra. He had already been presented on the moon. He put a box there like glass. There was a respective instrument in it. White rats came in to that box in the form of waves and again changed in to farm of rat body. All those rats were alive. Abhra exclaimed with joy seeing the rats coming with body from the earth on to the moon in no minute. Dr. Hogben overwhelmed to see this scene at the television screen. Now he thought of to do his experiment over human after trying over white rats and chimpanzee. All the disciples of Dr. Hogben were sitting, but at last he had to bow against the obstinateness of his disciple Prashant. He put him in a teleport instrument. Dr. Hogben and his other disciples once tumbled to see Prashant was going into the mouth of death. The red light of instrument was glimmering. All the disciples were standing to stop their breaths. All of a sudden the green light went on. It whistled like five brigade. It grew slow gradually. Prashant was sent on to the Mars planet in no time. All cried “Hurrah!” Their experiment was successful.

Dr. Hogben asked, “Prashant, Aren’t you well!”

“Yes Sir, I am quite well!” Prashant answered from Mars planet, “I am presented in the area of Meridian pleam is the area, where opportunity space craft landed”.

All the friends talked to Prashant. They were on the earth and Prashant was on the Mars planet. All hadn’t found happiness. At the very time they thought, Prashant had to come on to the earth also. The heart of all was palpitated. All the friends were able to see the ground of Mars planet from earth also. Suddenly they saw a running furious storm on the moon. They began to perplex, “Sir, storm on the Mars!”

Being troubled Abhra and Niharika said, “Prashant, Sit hurry in the teleport instrument, neither this storm will enclose you. The furious storm of Mars planet was coming towards Prashant. At any moment he might go in to the mouth of death. All were feared. If he could not come anywhere!.

“Being make haste, Prashant come back at once!.Worried Dr. Hogben said.

Getting the order of Dr. Hogben Prashant used teleport instrument. He came onto earth in no time. The breaths off all were stopped for a few minute while he did not come. Getting Prashant on the earth all were happy. Dr. Hogben also tried the other disciples by the teleport instrument turn by turn. He sent remained disciples on the different planets of solar system .Now Dr. Hogben wanted to put forth his invention infront of the world society. But before it the sight of a space Robber Durato fell at him. Getting a chance he stole the instrument and papers of Dr. Hogben and hid in the Dwarf Planets. The disciples of Dr. Hogben pursued Durato. They were pursing with space craft Paigasas, which flew on energy of a matter. All the friends Abhra Divya, Prasant and Niharika thought Lest Durato should come to know how to drive teleport instrument, otherwise he will never come in hand. He can wreak havoc at the second place in a moment.

Bad thought were growing in all minds. Abhra felt that Durato might be hidden in the group of Trogen. Space craft ‘Paigasas’ was reaching fast towards the group of Trogen. The largest dwarf planet Hector’ of Trogen group appeared them soon. The space craft of children named ‘Paigasas’ had to come close to Trogen dwarf planets. Reaching near the hector planet the children found that besides one hector is a pair of two planets. All of a sudden they found single of hiding Durato in Hector II. The children were looking there many craters. They landed on to ground of dwarf planet in Hector second by life boat. Advancing a head on the ground here they faced against furious Dinosaur. They used neutron destroyers. Running very fast to a safe place. From there they again went ahead in the valley. They had hardly advanced that their searching instruments began to warm hidden stoppage of Durato it was clear that they had reached near secret stoppage of Duratol. They seemed a creator. Single were coming from this creator. The Creator was very big. It was clear that the stoppage of Durato was in the water. They dived into water. They were floating in an artificial tunnel. The tunnel was very long. Now the light began to glimmer. It was clean that the Secret door of stoppage was very near. All the four friends took out Neutron Pistol. Now the tunnel was running towards up. They had to come from above. They had been seen through a half opened door. The door just opened, as soon as they entered inside, they closed it again. Two flat headed men were watching them from there.Abhra and Prashant shot by Pistol of neutron ratys. Before it they controlled themselves, Lepto kwarkrays had destroyed them. Abhra and Prashant wore the dresses of guards. It was impossible to recognize them. Now Niharika and Divya also went ahead. Durato was sitting on a high throne. He was quite unknown that the disciples of Dr. Hogben have reached in search of tele port instrument there. “Duato, where is teleport instrument?”Tell me clear where have you hidden the instrument! Now your life will be ruined in no time.”

Abhra was sitting in the Lepto kwark Pistol at the temple of Durato, Abhra scolded. The same time, Prashant fired a Pistol at the flat head man. He died there. Durato and all the members of his company has dressed bullet proof uniform. But Lepto kwarkrays had his wonder that it could cross bullet proof uniform. Durato understood that his wonder has end. Durato tried to push a button with cunning,which was fitted on his dress, but he could not save from the prudent sight of Neeharika. Neeharika understood that he wanted to go to become invisible into the groups of other Asteroids. It was clear that the connection of that button with the teleport instruments. Neeharika just fired. Coming for distance, the ray of Lepto kwark burnt Durato’s finger. He could not push the button. Being defeated, He surrendered, transmission had already been sent to Hector police. The police entered the hall palpitating. The police arrested “Durato the mystical Robber of space”. Getting the instrument of Dr. Hogben, Abhara and his fellow scientists reached again in the space craft Paigasas. Now the motion of space craft was again towards the earth. All the children were happy. They saved the earth by the Disaster of space robber.

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