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The Princess And Her Kingdom

“The Princess And Her Kingdom” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Taharat Jahan, Pratap Singh Hindu Girls Inter College, Moradabad, India.

The Princess And Her Kingdom

Once, there was a beautiful princess who lived in her palace. Her name was Ana. She was very kind and simple person. Her parents loved her a lot. King and Queen also had a son. His name was Eithen. He was very cruel, greedy and despicable. He always wanted to dethrone his father and capture control of the kingdom. He wanted to get it somehow, but the King did so because he was not aware of the greed of his son. Eithen was not interested to rule the kingdom in the best possible way. He always wanted to satisfy his greed. That is why the King made a decision that he handed the throne to princess Ana.

Hearing the news, prince Eithen decided to take revenge and left home. Princess Ana started running her state with liability. In the mind of Eithen, the spirit of erosion began to rise towards princess Ana. He wanted to grab her kingdom then he met a princess. Her name was Medona. The prince liked her very much, but he didn't know that princess Medona was a witch. She had even grabbed many kingdoms before her beauty. She wanted to do the same at this time also. Slowly the prince's choice turned into love, he decided to marry Madona. Prince Eithen asked Medona to marry and she accepted the proposal. Medona was very clever. She also joined him, in therevenge by listening to all these things that prince described her as catastrophe Medona and Eithen conspired to bring the King and the Queen to death. Medona took some soldiers of the castle from her palace and sent them to kill the King and Queen, but he didn't succeed because the soldiers of the King got caught and put them in jell. When Medona came to know it, she used her dark magic. She got all the news. Princess Ana was very upset about it, she kept a tight guard at the door of the palace, but this time, Eithen came with the intention of killing the King and the Queen.

In the middle of the night, a secret path (which was created by Eithen and which only he knew) went into the palace and straightened into the King's room. There, he removed the turbans in the chest of both of them, so that Ana reached there and told the soldiers to be imprisoned and sentenced to death. This day was a very sad day for princess Ana and one day Eithen was hanged, slowly a few months passed and princess Ana was not able to come out of grief of losing her parents but she didn't know the storm of great sorrow was coming in her life.

One night in a stormy rain, princesses approached princess Ana and she asked for a place to stay with Ana. She was very kind. She gave her place to the princesses, but she didn't know that she is Medona. She was given all the things needed in the palace. Slowly Madona won the trust of the princess Ana and began to spell on her, slowly Ana started to get sick but she was worried about her state. Madona was quick to become Queen, She took all the servants and the soldiers of the palace into her own hand, then she put princess Ana in jail and declaring princess Ana dead, declaring that princess Ana appointed Medona to the next Queen so she is preparing for her coronation. Princess Ana knows everything about it. She heard the guards saying, now princess Ana knew that her state was in danger. She escaped from the prison (jail) she saw the Palace all over under the control of Medona, it has been realized that Medona is a witch. She thought that if she killed Medona in some way then she would save her kingdom it was night, to walk she was very tired. She went to a tree and sat there while she saw her parents, and her father had told about Medona. How she become a witch and where she had hidden her own life and that was her bleeding heart if she was hit on her heart, her death would surely be fixed so that she wanted to talk to her parents and her parents cured her illness and went away then the princess thought that she would not be able to grab Medona herself from this state. She was going to the coronation of Medona today, all the preparation were going on and most secretly went to Madona's room. Medona was alone there. Madona watched Ana coming in, Medona was bigger on her sword but before that the princess removed her dagger. Thus, Medona died. All people, whom she had subdued, become normal and princess Ana got her state back and she started running her kingdom on the path of her parents.

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