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The Power of the Mind

“The Power of the Mind” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Marta Palao, EL Cole De Los Pekes, Spain.

The Power of the Mind

It was a shiny morning. There, was a family that consisted of: a mother, a father, two brothers and a dog. The two brothers were twins and they could communicate with their mind.

One of the brothers was called Yeray. He had blond hair and blue eyes. He was also very friendly. He took after his mother that was called Silvia. The other brother was called Izan. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He was also a pessimistic person. He took after his father that was called Antonio. The dog was called Toby. He had white with brown spots.

One night, someone knocked at the door, Izan heard it and wanted to go and open the door.

Then Yeray woke up and said - “What are you doing?” and Izan said “I heard a noise and I want to open the door. I think it is going to be a bad man”. Izan is a very pessimistic person and think always in negative. Yeray say “No, I don´t think so. I´m sure that it is Toby”.

The two brothers went to open the door and saw what that noise was. They opened the door and……It was what Izan said!

There was a man in black! He took Izan and he went away. Oh, no! Yeray thought. But suddenly he remembered that he could communicate with Izan by his mind. “We are saved”, Yeray said.

Then Yeray called his parents and said that he had to go to the police station because a man had taken Izan and he had to rescue him.

They went to the police station and Yeray said that he can communicate with his brother, then all the people said “You´re crazy boy. Nobody can communicate with the mind”, and always the same.

Yeray got tired of hearing that sentence so he decided to rescue Izan alone. He said to Izan “Izan, please tell me what you can see. I´m trying to rescue you”.

“Ok, but you have to give me five euros because I told you that it was a bad man outside and you didn´t believe me”.

Izan said “Ok, ok, but first you have to tell me what you can see, so I can rescue you and then I´ll give you five euros”

Yeray said “I see a palace. I can read the name and is called Taj Mahal. He found something. In the computer said “The Taj Mahal is a palace in India”. He had the answer! He has to go to India! Then he had an idea, he had to look for help because, how can he go to India? He told his parents that he had to go to the police station.

When he found a policeman he told him that his brother is in India and if he could bring him to his house. The policeman said that he could bring his brother home. The policeman put a chip in their neck because they were the only twins in the city and that is why they could communicate by their minds. A group of policemen went to India and they saw Izan selling bracelets on the Street. They shouted: Izan! He went with them because he was bored of waiting at the door of the Taj Mahal.

Then they went to Izan´s house and they all stayed happy and safe.

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