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The Passion in Kate's Giving

“The Passion in Kate's Giving” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Oluwadamilola Laoye, RA International School, Bonny Island, Nigeria.

The Passion in Kate's Giving

In a small village near the woods was a small group that were of good will, and trusted one another. In the village, there was a family of two members, a man, and his daughter Kate. While singing she heard a voice saying ‘Go, and save your father, he is dying. ’ She quickly ran and met her father, and the only person that could heal her father said ‘I will not heal your father except for a bribe…’ he said this deviously but she said ‘No! I can’t believe you could stoop so low, shame on you.’

Kate did not accept Mr Henry’s offer, then he went ahead to poison Mr Thomas, Kate’s father, and he died. She hardened her heart and became a greedy person who was also envious of people around her. She swore that she would never break a sweat to help anyone again. ‘I will never help anyone around me ever again’ and she never did. No one helped her too.

She grew to be a disrespectful and wicked woman; she forced people to work under her whether they liked it or not. She did not try to forgive anyone; that’s why everyone hated her so much. It’s as if they were her slaves. She found it hard to give anyone a dime.

But, unfortunately the people working under her could not quit; they would not wake up to see the next morning because she would hurt them down and kill them!

‘Miss Kate Thomas has given you brand new names; very nice names to the four of you. They are Stanley, Moses, Daniel and Isaac.’ Captain Tony said who was taking the guys to join the military. They were all eager to leave Miss Kate because she was mean.

‘At least she gave us good names’ one said. ‘Hmmm, good names indeed, that does not change the fact that she is mean…’ said another sarcastically. ‘We have good work to do now, don’t we?’ said Stanley.

‘What are you talking about, you four, is it about the news? All cadets are meant to be in the main fields till further notice.’ Said Captain East Julie, while preparing them for the war. ‘I, captain East Julie, make you four captains. The new cadets were very happy and thanked Captain Stanley.

‘Your gratitude is highly remarkable’ said Stanley in a deep voice. It was at that moment Kate thought of amending her ways. She was known as the ‘‘woman of terror’’ which she thought about for years and years but all passed away.

Meanwhile, in the military camp, General Donald said, “Lazy bones! You cadets have not done an obstacle course in weeks… I am very disappointed with all of you, especially Stanley, Moses, Daniel and Isaac. You four are captains now, it’s your job to know.’


‘Sir yes sir!’ Read out their roles. ‘‘Captains! ‘Sir’’

‘See it’s a huge responsibility. There’s no time to be lazy now. Dismiss!’

‘‘Sir Yes sir!’’ everyone echoed.


‘‘Sir Yes sir!’’

‘Guide them into their cabins.’

Soon the war was over, Miss Kate fell sick then a student came and treated her, gave her medicine and did not ask for payment. This made her think of all her bad ways in the past and she repented of them all. She later got married and told her kids the story; and that was the passion in her giving. ‘Never harden your heart, just be free to give to everyone’; that’s the end of my story.

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