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The Old House

“The Old House” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Esther Segura Ripoll, El Cole de Los Pekes, Spain.

The Old House

One day, at the school, five girls called: Natalia, Esther, Daniela, Silvia and Lucía, decided to explore the forest late in the afternoon.

Natalia had blond, straight and long hair, her gift was intelligence, Esther had dark hair, she is very pest, her gift is the connection with the nature, Daniela had short and blond hair, her gift was to run, Silvia had a very long hair her gift was to sing, and Lucía who had curly hair, her gift was music.

All the girls were more or less 12 years.

In the afternoon, the five girls went to the forest. In the middle of the way, Natalia, said: “Look, there is a house!” The house was brown and very, very old. Silvia exclaimed: “Why don’t we enter in the house!? “Ok, but I’m not going to be the first.” Lucía said. “Daniela, do you want to go the first?” Ask Esther “OK!” Daniela answered.

When they got into the house something in it crunched. Ahhhhhhhhh! - Shouted all the girls. Esther went to the second floor and suddenly a mirror started speaking! : “Girls, come here.” The mirror said: “Be careful with the owner of the house, is very bad. She turned me into a mirror, and my wife is this table!”

“Can we help you?” Asked Lucía

“Do you want to help me?” Said the mirror

“Yes, of course!”

“Ok. Look in the drawer.” Natalia opened it and found five rings. “You are going to need them, they have powers.”

“Wow! Thank you.” They thanked him.

“Girls, what are we waiting for?”-asked the mirror.

Suddenly, Esther’s ring lighted up and the mirror said: “Congratulations one of your powers is to know where is someone, now you have to say where is…”

“Fantastic, we can use that to find the owner of the house!” said Silvia.

“Where is the owner of this house?” The ring showed them a picture with the owner of the house in the forest picking strawberries.

“This forest is near here” said the table.

The five girls ran to the forest, Daniela ran faster than normal, she ran like the light! And she wasn’t tired! In two minutes the girls were in the same place that the owner of the house thanked to Daniela.

“Look he is there” Silvia said.

Suddenly Silvia’s ring lighted up and the ring said: -“sing, sing”.

-“Now is not the moment to sing Silvia!” whispered Lucía.

-“I know but I have to do it” When Silvia sang, the owner was hypnotized! -“I told you! I have to do it. Now, we only have to tell her to turn again the mirror and the table in a person!” Natalia said that and the owner did what she told.

They went to the house. The owner did what she had to do and she went away.

The mirror and the table turned into a person and they thanked the five girls for all that they had done for him and her wife.

From that day on, the five friends do not stop living great adventures. Since then, the girls decide to call this group of girls: “THE RING GROUP”

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