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The Mystery of Elephant Stone

“The Mystery of Elephant Stone” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Savithra Ranjeet Kumar, Saraswathy Tamil School, Sungai Petani, Malaysia.

The Mystery of Elephant Stone

Early morning looked so calm and Joney spent her time to be nourished with the beauty of this village by watching the sunrise and listen to the singing birds. She felt the breath of breeze and glory in the colour of the sunrise. She also felt the magic of the nature. It makes such a beautiful and panoramic view that it would captivate anyone with its charm.

There was a farm house near the forest. It was Joney’s grandmother’s house. Joney always attempts to go into the forest. But her grandmother gives orders not to go into the forest.

One snowy morning, Joney and her grandmother covey the goats to graze near the jungle.Suddenly, one goat named Tiny entered the forest. Joney asked permission to chase the goat out of the jungle.

In the end, her grandmother gave her permission to enter the jungle. Joney ran as fast as she could to catch the goat.

In the jungle, Joney felt nice when she listened to the bamboos keeping time in music and the cuckoo bird chirping. It was an attractive nature that we could not imagine. Joney cannot believe that.

She spent a few hours in that area. Joney started walking around the green forest. Suddenly, she observed an immense stone. The shape of the stone, look likes an elephant. Joney was amazed when she looked at the stone.

There was an elaborate river that came from the elephant’s trunk that was unbelief natural. The water of the river was so cold and transparent that we can drink.

After a few hours, Joney perceived a sound at her back. She turned behind. Actually, it was Tiny. She brought the goat to her village when the weather turns dark, gloomy and breezy.

One month later, Joney received a letter. In that, she knew that she got an opportunity to go study overseas. Joney was enthusiastic when she read that.

At the same time, she had not heart to leave the amazing nature. However, she must go to search the extreme future.

She studied overseas for five years. Today she is a conspicuous girl. She missed the wonderful nature. She missed it very much. She could sleep that day.

The next day, she reached to her village and expected to observe the wonderful, amazing and breathtaking nature.

Joney was astonished when she looked the development of the village because the village changed into an attached area. The little village house changed into a condominium. A small little bicycle changed into a car and motorcycle.

It was an attractive development for Joney. But the development of the area did not make her feel good. Her face was dull and gloomy because the elaborate river changed into the drain. She cried and cried and was totally devastated. She had not seen such destruction in her whole live.

After a few days, the rainy season came. That was an unforgettable incident. The attached area was altering into a flooded area.

The particular place was badly affected and the house and condominium damaged.

As a result, the flooded casualties were shifted to a safer place. They were transferred to a nearest school. They managed to save some valuable things with them. They helped each other.

At the same time, we should do proper planning and keep our nature and rivers mainly protected.

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