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The Mosquito Man

“The Mosquito Man” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Rishabh Kumar, Sacred Hearts Senior Secondary Public School, India.

The Mosquito Man

In the month of May there were too much mosquitoes in New York City that's why the people were in danger. Mosquitoes were increasing by leaps and bounds. For killing the mosquitoes all the trials were done by scientists. In the lab of scientists Mr. Henry called a meeting again.

Mr. Henry- Mosquitoes are being too much so we should make a virus by which mosquitoes can be killed.

Mrs. Haley- But this virus may be harmful to the people.

Mr Henry- Don't worry about it. It will not affect human body we will spread the virus in the City.

In this experiment, scientists need a dengue mosquito to make antidote with the blood of the mosquito in the form of a virus. But mosquitoes were very heavy and dangerous too. They Attack only in nights and in the day they live in sewers of New York City. So scientists can catch the mosquito in the sewer only where all the wastage are loaded. If these mosquitoes will sting anyone then the person will hardly alive.

Mr. Jack- I will go there and catch the mosquitoes alive.

Next day Mr Jack went there with his all needed things and one man, named john, went with him. While walking in sewer, he was checking the mosquitoes with his mosquito finding machine and then the scanner of the machine showed positive signal. There were many mosquitoes and Mr Jack wore defence suit of iron in the path of him a stone was there and Mr Jack's leg slipped over that stone and he fell there. The mosquitoes went on increasing and cut down the whole body of Jack. John who was coming with Mr Jack contacted the offices work they are not capable to do it because their voice did not reach there. No voice is coming from their phones. In the sewer Mr Jack was not feeling good so he slipped there for almost 3 hours and after 3 hours he opened his eyes and came back to his home.

In the morning Jack went to bathroom and when he was bathing he felt very good and he found that his Wings are coming out from his back and his legs were being strong and he felt like he was having power like mosquitoes and he was feeling hungry. By seeing the people walking on road he tried to smell anything that goes from his window and started to sting blood from the human body and all people in New York City.

This news now is a curse for scientists where media saw Mr. Jack, they feel that he is human. This news has spread all over the New York City through newspapers.

Scientists tell media-

Mr. Prefix- I don't know how this happens.

Media- sir this Monster is killing the people and sting blood from the human body, this mosquito looks like man.

Mr prefix- this is the only time to see but we will inform you after sometime after our research.

Mr. Henry- How is not possible that Mr Jack would be a mosquito man, he is very innocent person and John also. They are also dead and how can be this possible?

Next day in the science lab-

Mr Haley and Mr Henry can tell him about that who is he.

Mr. Henry- I have seen him and I am sure that he is Mr Jack and I have made antidote, with the help of that we can destroy the demon. They were on the road at exact time and Mr Henry and some people with him take out his mask from his face and what is that all are surprised 'mosquito man' firstly shoot with the gun but he could not hit the mosquito man he is so scary.

In the morning 10 o'clock.

Mr. prefix- Mr. Henry had made a powerful machine to kill the mosquito man in which a missed shoot over the mosquito then he can be dead alive and in this machine all useful tools are available to kill the mosquito man.

Mr. Henry was working on Facebook and he saw that in New York City mosquito man has caught two thieves stealing things and the police were also very happy that mosquito man has done this.

Mr. Henry thought that they should wait for some days who knew that he might be a hero. In the next night in that sewer, something was moving and in that sewer in which Mr Jack had fallen in and that time john came out of that sewer. And now Zone is too much powerful than yesterday.

Next day

Mr prefix- Henry, the city is in danger because the mosquitoes attacked on the people and they are shouting on the road and they think that anyone would come and help them.

Mosquito man knows how these all happen in the City.

Mosquito man- Mr Henry please I am sorry for mistake to use my power for wrong things but now from today I will use my power for good things.

Mr Henry- you can save us from this accident. John become a monster and only you can defeat him

Mr Jack and Mr Prefix is ready for operating that machine. Go there you can defeat that monster. Now Mr. Prefix and mosquito man went this way.

Mosquito man reached near John and tried to convince John

Mosquito man- John, you are not a devil you are hero.

John- I am not any Hero. These mosquitoes have given me such powers that you are not having and I have done promise to mosquitos to kill you and your team.

After that war started there between them. In this bar Mr Prefix wounded badly but mosquito man fight with his whole power and John was defeated and mosquito man wins. John said to Mr Jack "I will come back."

Mr Henry awarded Mr Jack, the mosquito man, to save New York City and Mr.Jack gives this message to whole country, "Badness may be powerful but goodness always wins."

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