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The Lizard’s World

“The Lizard’s World” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Yeray Olivares Muñoz, El Cole de Los Pekes, Spain.

The Lizard’s World

One day a boy called Alex (he is tall, he had brown eyes, long hair and he was11 years old), went to his house and his mother said: -“Alex, you have to go to the supermarket”.

When he went to the supermarket, he found a red stick and he fell in a hole when he was taking it. In the hole he found a Lizard but it wasn’t a normal lizard. It was a very enormous lizard!!! (Alex loved this type of animal). He had one in his house, but it wasn`t enormous, it’s name was Godzila.

It ate snails, carrots, pepper….very different vegetables. It was only one year old, it was very intelligent and it was incredible that when it was two months it knew how to walk. I wanted to do that with two months!!!. Well I continue with the story..

There was a lizard… no no no…an enormous lizard in the hole!! It was eating a bigger snail, Alex was like in “a jail” and then a Giant came, opened the jail. He gave vegetables to the lizard and proteins. The Gigant was like his mother, and the hole looked like Alex’s house. That was very strange for Alex. He started to think that he was mad. Are you thinking like Alex?? He is in the house of Godzila, his lizard.

Alex started shouting “MUM, MUM” but she didn’t hear. The big lizard listened to him, He was scared and ran, but the lizard ran to catch him. He hid on the back of a rock. Then his brother came, he was very big, His name was Pablo (he was two years old), handsome, blond hair and he was spoiled, very, very spoiled.

Alex started to make a plane with some sticks and a motorbike, But he couldn´t do it….

Then he had an idea… he started to do parkur, he didn’t do it very well so he become to train.

Two weeks later, “I’m ready to jump and jump” said Alex. He thought that was the time to go away, he will take the red stick and break it. And then he will be the Big Alex like his mother and brother.

The first jump was perfect, the second jump was good and last jump ….. ohhh noooo this jump was very big and under there was a hole. He didn’t like holes, that is a nightmare, Ohhh nooo his mother was there, She could see Alex so he lied down because if she saw him it would be an earth explosion. And he didn’t want it……. His mother went out, goodness!!!! Now he was going to jump: one, two, three…ohhh noooo a rock and he fell down. Now he was in his town but he was still very little. He started to look the stick and when he will find he was going to break because this was a mess. He was going to the cafe, to the restaurant, into the church but the stick didn`t appear. He didn’t look in my house loft.

When Alex was little, he thought that there were monsters in the loft, so he never went there alone. He went into (although he was scared), there were a present but the stick wasn’t there. Suddenly he started to grow up and Alex came again. The normal Alex. Then his mother found him, she said that it’s time to go bed.

When he woke up, it was his birthday. His family gave a present, he opened and there was “”The red Stick””. Alex shouted NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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