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The Little Saviour

“The Little Saviour” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Aarav Kiran Nayak, JSS International School, Dubai, UAE.

The Little Saviour

“James!” called out Mr. Henry. “Come downstairs immediately, there is a surprise for you”. Mr. Henry screamed as he checked the results of the story writing competition online. Both, James and his mother Lara hurriedly ran towards the study.

Henry, James’s father was euphoric as he announced that their loving son James had bagged the first prize in the inter-grade story writing competition, which was held on January 14th 2018 in his school. He also added that James had been awarded a cash prize of Euro 100 and 3 free tickets to visit the newly opened local zoo in Luxemburg.

The very next Saturday, James along with his parents went to the zoo. There was a big signboard that had two elephant tusks making it a massive entrance and a sight to behold for the enthralled visitors. “Tickets please!“ asked the smartly dressed gatekeeper. “Here you go“ said James and proudly handed him over the colorful tickets. The gatekeeper punched the tickets and ushered them inside to the waiting rhino shaped buggy, which was to take them for a free tour of the animal kingdom. “Just keep your hands inside and don’t feed the animals,” warned the Driver as he started the vehicle.

The vehicle initially took them to the Bird Kingdom. The colorful parakeets, the crested robins, the chattering magpies, the sunbirds and the drongos were a sight to behold.

Moving on to the Animal Safari, they came across a gigantic cage that housed a pride of lions and their playful cubs. The mother lioness was playfully cuddling the cubs that were more interested in chasing her tail. Just then James heard a loud thud. The sky suddenly turned black and it started pouring cats and dogs. “ Buzzzzzzz” a large cloud of smoke billowed in the sky and a gleaming metallic space ship emerged from the darkness and landed on the ground. James and his parents were utterly mesmerized by the sight. All people in the zoo started running helter skelter for cover in all directions. The space ship then emitted a beam of blue light through which a horrible, perilous, evil looking villain Dr. Gorzod stepped out.

He was holding a metallic weapon in his fist and glanced furiously around his new surroundings. He then struck his weapon to the predator’s cage door. Dr. Gorzod was a research scientist who had mean intentions and sinister plans to destroy the green land of Luxemburg. He kept on inventing new tools and methods to destroy the peaceful city. This time his intention was to use his dreadful weapons to destroy the metal gates and terrorize the city by unleashing the carnivores from the zoo premises. As the weapon hit the metal cages, the terrified animals ran in all direction and started tearing the humans who came in their path. Unfortunately, James parents too met their tragicdeath. James somehow managed to have a narrow escape and save him from the fury of the rampaging carnivores. He somehow managed to reach their car and get away from the chaos and confusion at the zoo.

As he sat in the car, his head was filled with sadness for his parents who had perished and felt fury against the merciless, selfish scientist who had ruthlessly killed many people. He decided that he would avenge the victims and make Dr. Gorzod pay for his crimes.

He soon found his father’s mobile phone in the car and called up the police helpline to report the incident. Meanwhile he started searching the car for any tool, which would help him tackle Dr. Gorzod and his fearful weapon. James remembered his lessons in his science class that strong magnets attract most of the metals. He recalled his father keeping two strong bar magnets in the boot of their car. He somehow managed to pull the two magnets out of the boot with his small hands and rush towards the spaceship.

He tiptoed behind Dr. Gorzod and startled him with a small noise. As Dr. Gorzod turned around distracted by the noise, James seized the opportunity and pointed the bar magnets towards Dr. Gorzod’s weapon. The weapon stuck firmly to the magnets and James made a mad dash towards a secure place. Within a few minutes the police swarmed the scene and took Dr. Gorzod into custody.

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