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The Little Lion Was Lost in the Jungle

“The Little Lion Was Lost in the Jungle” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Rodrigo Lopez, El Cole De Los Pekes, Spain.

The Little Lion Was Lost in the Jungle

One day… a little lion was in the jungle with his parents. The jungle was very beautiful, it had a lot of animals and there were lakes with crocodiles, trees, sands, mountains and rocks. The name of the little lion was Junior. The little lion lived in a beautiful cave with his mother Kiara and his father Bruno. The cave was brown and it had plants and a lot of things. The little lion Junior is very funny, he had orange, long hair.

One day Junior went for a walk and he got lost in the middle of the jungle. It was a sunny day, on Friday. The little lion said: -oh no! What am I going to do now?- said the little lion. Bruno and Kiara ran and ran to find Junior. Junior walk, walk and walk to see a dead gazelle and Junior ate the gazelle. Now is night and Junior is tired… he slept in the centre of the jungle.

The following day, Junior found a parrot that his name was Poly and Junior said :- do you want to be my friend? Poly spoke a lot but, it was very funny, and said a lot of words. Junior said :-“Poly, can you fly and find my parents?” Poly said – “Yes, I can my friend” Poly flew over the whole jungle to find Junior’s parents. Poly found Junior’s parents and he went flying the fastest he could. Poly told Junior’s parents, that were desperate but Poly said :- “Bruno, Kiara your son is waiting for us in the center of the jungle” Kiara said ”Do you know where is our son?” Poly said ”Yes !!! I can guide you, follow me, this way.”

Kiara and Bruno started to run to look for Junior. Poly guided them to find Junior. Kiara found Junior and they were very happy. Junior, Kiara and Bruno.

After a year, Kiara and Bruno had a little baby that means that Junior had a new sister called Kenza. She was very cute and the prettiest baby in the whole kingdom, Kenza was a naughty baby all the days does something very bad. Kenza had little blue eyes and they lived happily with the mischief of the little Kenza and her brother Junior.

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