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The Land of Fantasy

“The Land of Fantasy” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Isabelle Wong Zhi Yi, Sekolah Rendah Sri KDU, Malaysia.

The Land of Fantasy

“Yay!” shouted Adam. He had just received his results and had obtained full marks for both his Mathematics and English language examinations. He was so happy. After school, he walked back home with an overjoyed smile on his face. When he reached home, his mother asked him why he was so joyful. He answered, “I got one hundred marks for both my Mathematics and English Language examinations.”

“Congratulations!” said his mother with a happy look on her face. He lived with his parents, elder brother and sister in a house near the school.

After he got home, he showered and finished his homework. Then, he ate his dinner and watched a bit of television. He went to bed at 9:00 pm. As he was falling asleep, he heard a loud noise. He opened his eyes and saw a portal in the middle of the room. Before he could scream or shout he got sucked into the portal.

He landed in a strange and beautiful land but where everything looked tilted. Before he could say a word, a sack was put over his head. He held his breath as the sack smelled like stinky and old socks.

Adam was sent to castle of the king of the strange land, who was a vain and old wizard. He looked grouchy and irritated all the time. The only time he was happy was when he got a lot of money. Money was the key to make him smile. When he reached the palace, he was sent to the wizard’s grand room. The room was covered with gold and lined with silver ribbon. The servants called him Mr. Grouchold, because he was old and grouchy and surprisingly he allowed them to call him that.

He asked Adam, “Where are you from?”Handreritty? Lesobu? Aredfw?”

“Well I am from Earth,” Adam answered. “Earth huh?” said the wizard. “I do not care who or what this is. Just send him to prison,” said the wizard with an irritated look on his face.

“Wait! Is there anything I can do to not go to prison and be set free from this world?”cried Adam.

“Well, maybe you could get the magical key to unlock this magical box that has to be opened so that this land can be saved,” the wizard replied. “Agreed?”

“Yes, agreed,” said Adam

“All right. You must get the key from the mysterious Chantajae Warrior. But no one has ever returned from his palace alive!”

“Even though he sounds scary, I will do it,” replied Adam bravely.

“Now go. Helives on the other side of this mountain.” said the wizard.

So, off Adam went with nothing but a sword. When he reached the palace, he saw lots of guards standing right in front of the palace. But, somehow or other he found an entrance at the back of the palace and managed to get to the Chantajae Warrior’s grand room through a back passage. The room was unlike the wizard’s grand room. It was dark and dull, with dim lighting. Adam bravely went in front of the throne and said, “Excuse me Chantajae Warrior, may I have the magical key to save this world?”

The Chantajae Warrior laughed, “Hahahahaha, you want the magical key?” “Well, yes,” replied Adam. “Well, you better run because you are going to be imprisoned and you will never find it,” shouted the Chantajae Warrior.

Adam ran for his life through the back passage with guards chasing him close behind. Suddenly, he saw a cave opposite the palace and went to hide there. When he went inside, he found a boxwhich was gold in colour. He opened it and found the magical key.

He went back to the wizard’s palace and handed it over to the wizard. The wizard was very happy. He unlocked the box, and the land became normal again. The wizard gave him an amulet and then sent him home. In just a few seconds he was back in his bed. Adam was thrilled. He hoped that the portal would open again as he wanted to go on more adventures.

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