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The Kind Farmer and the Parrot

“The Kind Farmer and the Parrot” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Wee Hui Ying Emily, Sri KDU Primary School, Malaysia.

The Kind Farmer and the Parrot

A long time ago, in a joyful village in Ipoh, lived a vegetable farmer. The farmer was a very hardworking and kind man. He worked very hard in order to make sure his vegetables are growing well. He was very pleased whenever he looked at his vegetable farm.

Time passed. The vegetable farm grew larger with new breeds of vegetables. Each new one tasted better than the ones before. Sunset is the most beautiful time of the day as the beautiful vegetables have a few colours, purple, green, orange and red which match very well with the pinkish sky and the beautiful orange sun.

Every evening, the farmer would admire his beautiful vegetable farm in the scenic evening sky. He would sometimes do some weeding so that the weeds will not take any nutrients from the vegetables.

One evening, when the farmer was weeding near his pumpkin patch he saw something fall on his eggplant. He hurried over to see what had fallen. He found an injured parrot crying in pain. The farmer took pity on the injured parrot and took it to his home to heal its wound.

The farmer took out his first aid kit and cleaned the parrot’s wound step by step and covered the wound with some plaster carefully. The next day, the farmer got up extra early to prepare breakfast for the parrot. Even though he worked so hard to make sure his vegetables are fresh and healthy, he still gave the injured parrot the best of his vegetables.

The farmer regularly fed and cleaned the parrot. Two months passed by and the parrot’s wound healed. The farmer sadly released the parrot to go free. The parrot came regularly to visit the farmer and help the farmer get rid of pests.

One day, the farmer had an idea. He planted a mango tree in the middle of his vegetable farm. The mango tree grew into a healthy and fruitful tree. The next time the parrot visited the farmer, the parrot decided to make its nest and raise its chicks on the mango tree.

The farmer was very pleased that the parrot would finally stay with him and start a family there. As the parrot’s chicks grew into adult parrots, they chipped into chasing away the pests.

Two years has passed by and the farmer has become rich. By the following year, the farmer and the parrot’s family became famous because of the delicious vegetables they produced.

A few years later, the farmer retired as he was too old to carry on farming. He employed helpers to take care of the vegetable farm and the parrots. The parrots kept the farmer company and helped get rid of pests in the farm.

Years passed by. The farmer handed down the vegetable farm to his relatives. They took care of the farm and the parrot’s family very well. The farm had grown larger and become fruit and vegetable farm which offered wide variety of fruits and vegetables to the country all year round.

This story teaches us to be kind to others and in return others will be kind to us.

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