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The Kids GTR

“The Kids GTR” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Mahish Kumarathasan, Lammersville Unified School District, USA.

The Kids GTR

One day, a kid named Jake got cancer and he was expected to live for only 3 more years maximum. He was in his room and his dad came in and asked him what he wanted to do before he died. He said that he wanted to get a GT-R because that was his dream car. So his dad looked it up and he came in his room the next day. He said that let's go over to Nissan. Then Jake and his dad went down to Nissan and got a Nismo GT-R. Jake didn’t go to school because there was no point because he was going to die anyway. So then he decided that he was going to go to all the Nissan rallies and car shows. The first rally he went on was the gold rush rally. He met many GT-r owners and lots of Huracan owners. Then he explained his story to them. Then they said, ”We have to do things.” He freely walked his GT-r then he wrapped it. He got the car to run at a wapping 950 horsepower. He got the car back and he started tracking it.

He went home and his dad said it’s been two months since we got that car so we need a plate for it. He said “Do u wanna get a regular plate or do you want a mudded plate?” Jake said a mudded plate. He said it for making the plate cancer he got the plate then he got spray paint and he made an x over the cancer. Then he put the plate over the car and he started driving and he started doing all the things that he had on his bucket list. He traveled for 1 year and a ½ he got 7,987,00 miles on his car. He realized that he had 1 year and ½ left. Then he decided that he had to do something more so then he spent time with his family and then later he felt pain and he knew that he was dying. He said pass the car on to generations and generations of this family so then his brother got the car then his sister then 28 generations later the car was still running and they were willing to take the car even when they knew that car was so old. Later, 5 years after the car was parked in the farm’s parking lot, it was left there and no one picked it up for 50 years. Later the car was ancient and this guy bought the farm and he went in the back to check it out he went out back and he opened the door. It was hard to open because it was closed for a long time the tires on that car were very expensive. The rest of the car had a cover on it that was very dusty. He took the cover off and the dust flew only to reveal a beautiful caramel colored car. The guy opened the door of the car, but the car's battery was dead. So everything was dead the guy got the jumper cables and he got the car filled up with battery. Then later he started the car and the key was just sitting inside the car. The car started up and the exhaust was so rare that it sounded so good. Later he drove the car out and brought it to the DMV they said this vehicle was registered missing 50 years ago. He said we can re-register the car under your name or we can sell the car at an auction. The man said that he’ll keep the car. Two years later the car was still running which was stunning. Later he found out the story. Then he knew that this car was very important to someone. So then he decided that this car had to get back so he started driving it back around the whole city and then the next city then the next and then he finally found the owners of the car. Then he made sure they had the papers then the family got emotional. And they said no need to keep it. He said no this is for you guys. They said no our family didn’t take proper care of the vehicle which is why the car was somewhere we didn’t even know about. They said the car is safer in your hands so then the man got a free car. Which then he drove home very happy without any problems. In the end, he decided that he should take very good care of that car.

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