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The Journey

“The Journey” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Cole Fisher, Lisa J. Mails Elementary, USA.

The Journey

I woke up in the morning and I got out of my bed. Everybody was gone I looked everywhere, I saw a note it said “I left it was for the best I am so sorry you are on your own.” I did not know what to do. So I just decided to call the police. The next thing I knew the power went out I thought I should just run it took me 20 minutes I got there and the police station was closed I just fell down and started to cry. I just felt like nobody could help me at this time so I got in the box that my dad said to never open unless an emergency and opened it. I looked there was an axe, a 20 gage rifle, and a machete. I was going to be on my own and go in the wild. I forgot one thing in there it was $ 10,000! Then I collected a whole bunch of food and then I left. It felt weird to be on my own. I found a stray dog and I decided to take him. I named him Richard I got him to follow me.

All of sudden I got lost I had nowhere to go. So I thought there is no turning back. I waited on the side of the road I stuck my thumb up to get a ride because I needed to get some water. Finally a car came and the guy said come in we had been driving for 30 minutes I asked “are we almost there?” and he said “patience.” We pulled up to a house. It looked like it was all broken I said this is not the gas station. He said just get out of the car and I thought that was a little strange. He opened the door it screeched it was the worst sound I have ever heard. Then the man said hurry up daylight is burning. Then he threw me in a chair and tied me up! He said don’t move and he went to a room. I remembered that I had a machete so I cut the rope and quietly ran out of the broken down house. I went to a place with a whole bunch of trees I got in there and it looked like a jungle. Oh now I forgot all of my food. So I knew I was really on my own now so I thought I should make shelter I was working on it for the whole night. So now it has been my second day on my own so at 1:30 A.M. I finished my little house I made it so nobody could really see it so that guy wouldn’t come back. Then I forgot that I had to make a bed so that took me another 45 minutes. I decided to just go asleep I ended up sleeping another whole day.

All of a sudden, there was a huge flood and it washed away my shelter completely. I had forgotten that I don’t know swimming. So I jumped on a car that was floating. I saw the man that kidnapped me he had died I felt bad but I knew he wouldn’t do that again. So that was out of my mind. The fire fighters came to help me. Oh no I forgot about Richard I told the fire fighters and they went out to go get. I told him about how the flood tore down my shelter. They let me stay at the fire station for a day until the water went away. They fed me so now I actually had some food in my system. So I left the fire station and kept walking.

I saw my parents and I shouted. Oh my, gosh they are super heroes who would ever have known they were fighting bad guys? They came over and said you found us I am sorry I left this is what we had to do. Then we went to our house and the government fixed it.

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