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The Investigation of an Unknown Black Culprit

“The Investigation of an Unknown Black Culprit” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Emir Noufel Mayan, JSS International School, Dubai, UAE.

The Investigation of an Unknown Black Culprit

It was a great Sunday and a bright little evening, we were in a restaurant near Brook Street, mine and my friends’ houses are in Brook Street. We were finished with the appetite and we were heading back home, I dropped everyone to their respective houses, when I finished dropping them I was starting to go back home.

Suddenly in the junction I saw some black thing. Instead of going straight to my home, I took my left and tried to follow it. Suddenly it disappeared and I thought it was some fantasy which was wandering me around. I reached home and I was just thinking about that black thing all the night and I was just researching but there were no results. When I was sleeping I saw many nightmares like crashing on to a truck while driving and dying when walking…and many more …., Then I woke up and tried to call my friends but no one was responding. Then I thought not to disturb them and I got ready came out waiting for a bus to head to financial road. When I was waiting I saw a man in my left who was old. When I just looked to my right and looked back to the left he disappeared. Then I saw again a young man in my right and when I looked to my left he also disappeared. I just ran from that place to another each person I look disappeared in thin air I was frustrated and took my car and I went to the police station. But before starting my car it was having low petrol I was astonished that I had filled my petrol before going to the restaurant. I was terrified and went back home.

It was a bright Monday morning but not a bright Monday morning for me because I didn’t sleep well with the nightmares. I headed to my office in a bus to international city. When I reached I saw the same black thing which I saw yesterday night I started investigating it.

I joined the police within a month and reported this to the head polices. First they took it as a fantasy but they got the same feeling after 3 years, no one still discovered. One day our head police died because someone killed or murdered him. In that moment I knew it was that black thing. Then I got a remembrance about black curse when I researched it was the same thing which I saw and I was astonished again!!

One day I saw it and followed this time. It was a success because I saw its hideout, it was in a garage I saw that curse removing its mask and I saw it is a human!!!!!!! I stood where I was. Suddenly that thing saw me in that moment I thought that I failed because it escaped. Then I went back to the station empty hands I told them it was a human but no one believed. After a day the news came out and then they believed and I got promoted. But in that moment I saw a thing or person outside then I just took my car and chased him finally by fluke he was trapped in a dead end and when I saw him clearly it was my professor in my school. I was worse than a dumb person I got ashamed just for catching my professor. I had worked hard then he said “I surrender,” then I said “ok” and I hand cuffed him. Then I took him to the station and I said that this is the criminal everyone appreciated me but I asked him “Why did you disguise like this?” He said that his daughter died so he is finding the criminal then I recorded it live and everyone heard it and said we will help you out.

Then we started investigating and found him he was working in national tech, we caught him and arrested him. We found that the professor’s daughter, she was trapped and not dead then we freed her finally our professor was so happy to see his daughter, my friends came and said what a great job. Then I became happy and me and my friends lived happily ever again!!!

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