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The Infinite Love

“The Infinite Love” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Mohit Raj, D.A.V Public School, Nalanda, India.

The Infinite Love

In year 2001, in a medium family, there born a child. His name was Sundram Raj and he has two brothers and one sister. He is black in color but colors do not matter. His father’s name was Manish Raj and his mother’s name was Punam Raj. The name of his eldest brother was Satyam Raj and the name of his elder brother was Shivam Raj and the name of his sister was Madhu Raj. His first school was government school. Then his father admitted the son in an English medium school. The name of the school was Shivam Residential Public School. In this area this school was No.1 school. He participated in many functions as well. So many teachers in this school said to him “You sing very well.” He sings very well but no anyone knows to him. He has very angry. He is growing slowly.

In 6th standard, he loves a girl named Versa Raj. His life disturbed because of his love. His mind started thinking only about this girl. He and his younger brother knew about this matter. He believed in god so he is a theist.

One day, his girl friend left him, so he became very sad. He stopped having food, he became short tempered also. So, he decided that he want to be a singer. Then he make a YouTube channel, he post his videos slowly. His role model was Arijit Singh. He sang most sad songs. His father did not want this. But he did not fork out. His eldest brother helped him. Then he sang on the stage of district music competition who heard his song all adviced to him to participate in Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa but he has lack of money. Then some business man gave him some amount. He was happy and participated in Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa. He won the first prize then all said to him the future of Arijit Singh.

He practiced better to sing. He started to do Riyaz. He heard the sermons of Osho and followed this. Then he practiced to find the Versha Raj but not success. One day suddenly he saw Versha Raj. He went to her and said, I Love You. Versha Raj said I also. Both married in the court we say it court marriage. He started doing meditation, TRATAK etc. He love very much to his wife every dream of his wife he completed. One Day his wife gave birth one child he is a boy. Sundram Raj was very happy. After 2 year his second child was born he was also a boy. After 1 year his third child was born she was a girl. First child name was Ankit Kumar, second child name was Satyam Kumar and third child name was Khushbu Kumar. His children were growing slowly. They never fight with one another. Sundram Raj was a very successful man so some jealous to Sundram Raj. Some singers planned that he kills Sundram Raj. One day in a stage show some sharp shooters shoot at him on the stage. The body guards came soon and let him to the hospital but he was dying. His wife and children became orphans. A great singer and a great lover come to end and infinite love of a lover have lost with their life but the feeling of infinity as alive in everyone in form of love. Sundram Raj awarded with the Bharat Ratna. His wife launched a music club in his memory.

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