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The Hotel

“The Hotel” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Sidharrt Rao, Sekolah Kebangsaan Puchong Utama, Malaysia.

The Hotel

One day, our teacher gave us a letter. The letter says we are going to a school trip at one of the famous hotel. The hotel is in the middle of the jungle! Nobody knows actually that the hotel is haunted. The people who agreed to go to the trip was, Hafiz, Sharhen, Thisha,Charu, Tharrshen, Shaktivel, Lakshan, Andrian, Alvin and Sidharrt.

Next morning, we safely reached to the hotel. We went inside, the hotel was so creepy. Charu said `I wish I could go home. Tharrshen said ‘don’t worry guys, Hafiz said `when we will go to our rooms? Sidharrt, Tharrshen and Lakshan slept in room 20018 block D. That night Sidharrt heard something and asked `What is that noise?KRRDTEEETGEDUMM! Wake up! Wake up! They both woke up.AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!Everybody in the hotel come and asked what happened? We saw a ghost! Shaktivel said `Teacher, I want to go back home. Teacher said okay everyone, tomorrow we will go home.Adrian said`YAAHOO! And Sharhen said `BOOYA! Thisha said “At last I could go home. Wake up! Wake up! Why so early! Today we are going home!What really!” Adrian said “let’s see who reach the gate first...”

Adrian was first to the gate. Then he heard a weird noise. Then he turned back slowly AAAHHHHH!! He said `guys, guys where are you. Maybe I should call them by my phone Hello, hello TZZZT…Lakshan? Yes. I’m Adrian where are you? I’m in a ghost hideout. It’s so dark in here. Now come to the gate. Lakshan said `but how? We are smarter than ghosts. Yaaa! I am here. Adrian said “did you call everyone. Suddenly the ghosts became angry and make the weathervery dark and then…”

The ghost makes the clouds into thunder clouds. Now everybody in the world knows there are ghosts in the hotel. Then Sidharrt had an idea. He said to himself that ghosts like hotels like dirty, dark and middle of nowhere. His idea was, everybody in that state and the villages helped to build more houses beside and make the hotel bright, clean and beautiful. Then, there was the most powerful ghost ever. The ghost resisted the cleaned hotel. However he was not a ghost he was actually a demon. He was the king of all monsters and his name was Bandy. He ruled the hotel once like thirty years but when we came, he started to get angry at us. Then, we was facing Bandy his face looks so inky. And we started the battle but…

We lost the battle and we went into the secret lab in the sewers. Hafiz said ‘where are we? What happened? Charu said ‘we lost the battle. We were tight into a thick piece of rope. Shakti said `how do we escape? Then we escaped by cutting the rope with a knife in the chair.We tried to escape but Bandy saw us and we fight him till he lose and fall. Then his minions and workers took Bandy back to the sewers. Bandy was very angry at us. But he still doesn’t care about it because he was the king, but Bandy has also a bigger boss. His name was Lord Zaatar. Zaatar asked Bandy `Bandy aren’t you shy, you were defeated by little children? While then, the students were just in the restaurant. Zaatar knows where they are with his magic crystal. When they were eating some food and drinks, Zaatar was behind Thisha. Sidharrt said `who are you? Zaatar said “I’m bandy’s boss. Huh! That inky guy’s boss??” Said Alvin. Zaatar said ‘it’s no time for jokes. Let’s battle! We tried to fight but he was too powerful. Sidharrt said ‘we have to help each other. Then, we worked as hard as we can. Tharrshen took his axe and chop Zaatar’s head. Then the whole restaurant was flooded by blood. The waiter of the restaurant said ‘who poured all this blood over here? Everybody said “Tharrshen did it!” The waiter said so Tharrshen have to clean it. After 8 hours Tharrshen finally finish cleaning. We said bye to the waiter and we went back to our houses with a helicopter. When we reach to ourhouses, our parents were scoldingus for coming back late to our homes. Then we said our parent the whole story. And that’s the end of the story.

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