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The Homework Wand

“The Homework Wand” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Jordan Choo, Dr. R.E. McKechnie Elementary School, Canada.

The Homework Wand

Inside Ms Kutchers class were 6 playful, grade 1 students, 3 girls and 3 boys. All the boys absolutely loved soccer and all the girls loved flowers. The boys and girls had nothing in common other than hating homework, and yes, hate is a strong word.

“Today class, you guys will be assigned to do 50 pages of math!” Ms Kutcher said in her old, elderly voice, almost like a witch!

“She has gone crazy!” all the students thought. “We got to get the homework wand that will help us do our homework”

The class left the classroom and adventured into the homework cave. Then suddenly, a math fairy appeared.

“You shall not pass!” the fairy said as she was flying in the air. “Unless you tell me what 6+7 is!”

The students work together and thought of an answer.

“13 is the answer!” the students replied in happiness.

“Correct, you may pass and continue your journey.”

As the fairy disappeared in the darkness, the joyful kids continued their journey to seek the magic wand.

“Boom, Boom, Boom”. There was a crashing noise coming ahead. It was a little troll, with a big temper.

“What do you need to live!” asked the troll.

Without thinking a boy said, “Wi-Fi”

“Incorrect!” replied the troll in an angry voice.

“Water”, said a girl, “We need water to live!”

“Wow, you guys are smart!” the troll said with glee. “The magic wand is right after you turn right, left, right, left, wait no not left, it is right, then right again!”

The children followed the directions and found the great magic wand. It glowed green, and the magic wand was so spectacular. It made all the students forgot how to talk.

“This is amazing!” all the children thought as they were gasping!

One boy took the wand and said, “I’m using it first!” and ran straight to the school. Then, all the students ran to the classroom with a big smile on their face.

“No more homework, no more homework!” yelled the children as they all laughed their way into the class.

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