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The Halloween Prank

“The Halloween Prank” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Zekiye Ayperi Tatar, Hedef College, Turkey.

The Halloween Prank

It was the worst day in my life. I thought I’d die. My head’d been spinning around when I was there, living that moment.

My name is Jonathan Derek Smithers. My friends call me “Jonny” or “Joey”. At least, when they were my friends.

Let’s go back to 2008 and I tell you what happened that night.

-October 29th 2008, Detroit-

“Derek, get up! It’s7:30!”yelled mom.

It was a very sunny day for Detroit. For October. My brother Dylan and I were staying in the same room. We’ve got a bunk and I was sleeping at the bottom.

When I heard my mom, I got up and headed to the bathroom. It was Monday and I was getting ready for school. I washed my face and looked at myself. I’ve got dark brown eyes which was looking tired. My light brown hair was intermixed each other. I was in my 17 and I was tall and slim. I stopped looking at myself and go downstairs.

I headed to the kitchen and got myself a cereal. My brother Dylan and my sister Carlson was there, too. I sat down and started eating.

“Finally, our ‘prince’ had woken up. It was a honor for us, Your Highness.” Said mom with sardonically. I looked at her with disgust. “Very funny, mom.”I said.

I finished my breakfast and went up stairs to get ready. I changed my clothes and left the home.

When I was half of the school road, someone caught me from my shoulder. I turned back and saw four familiar faces: Reggie, Dean, Tyson and Matt. Reggie and Dean were Jocks. Reggie was the captain of football team and Dean was the captain of basketball team. Of course, they were muscular. Tyson was the founder of the our school’s music band ”The Roars” and he was playing guitar. Matt and me were in the same class. I was trusting him. They all were smiling at me.

“What’s wrong, guys?” I asked.

“Nothing’s wrong, we’ve just need to ask you somethin’ bro.” Said Reggie. I gave them a blank look and Tyson continued.

“There’s a big Halloween party in LA and we’ll go to that party. We’ll set off tomorrow. Fancy joining?”

“Yes!” I said quickly. Matt grinned at me. “Great! We’ll set off at 8 a.m. See you tomorrow, dude.” They swiftly ran away and I continued my way.


“No way.” Said my parents at the same time.

“Please, I promise I won’t drink anything. Please, let me go.” I begged. They looked each other and took deep breathe. Finally “Alright, Derek. But no drinks.” I became very happy and went to my room to get ready.

-October 30th 2008, Wayto LA-

“Alright, little bros, we’re in Wyoming. You guys good?” said Dean. Wenod.


“Aaaaand, we’re here.” Said Matt. “We’re in Beverly Hills.”

We were standing in front of a hotel. We all looked at Mattto understand it. He noticed our looks. “What? It’s getting late. Of course we stay in there.” said.

We got inside to settle our rooms. When it was done, I relaxed on my bed and thought tomorrow.

-October 31st 2008, Beverly Hills-

Mattledus to a mansion. All lights were open. Through the window, I saw a DJ stand. And a lot of human.

“Let’s get inside. I’m freezing.” Said Reggie. We nodded and knocked the door. A security guard opened the door and viewed us for a minute. Then, he let us in.

There was so crowded- like all city was there-. A guy saw us and waved at us. Tyson made a sign to stop us and he went near him. They talked like five minutes and came back to our side.

“Our job’s done in here. Follow me.” he said. He went to exit and we quitted from there. We walked for 15 minutes and I saw a home. It was a doublex home. I gave Matt an insinuating look. I looked at house again. He followed my gaze and saw it. He moved his mouth like saying “Oh, hell no!” He turned to Reggie.

“Hey buddy, are we going inside?” asked Matt. Reggie gave him a sarcastic look. “Yeah, why? Are you scared?” asked Reggie.

We arrived the door. I tried to knock it but it was open. Our fear fully got inside. The place was look like 100 years old. There were two armchairs, a stand and an old bookcase. We opened our phone’s lanterns and started investigating. I led to bookcase and viewed it. There were 11 books, a jar of dead worm and a big eye ball and an ID card. I take the card and researched it.

A guy named “Joaquin DeRozz” was living here. I called over boys and showed them the card. Dean backed off and took a piece of iron. He investigated the house. “We’re safe, for now.” he said.

I took the eye ball and the ground started shaking. When it’s over, a door opened in a wall. We turned there. From our back, we heard a hissing voice.

“Who woke me up from my beauty sleep?” We all slowly turned our back and saw a man looking like zombie. He had an axe.

“Mr. DeRozz?” I said. He looked at me and moved to Reggie. He looked us with a smile. ”Say good bye to your ‘bro’.” he said and hit Reggie with his axe. We screamed and started running. Matt and Tyson escaped but Joaquin caught me. I bit his arm and ran top stairs.

I opened a window and climbed to the roof. I hid behind the flue, closed my eyes and took breathe. When I opened my eyes and looked down, I saw a writing. It’s saying “Happy Birthday!”. I jumped from roof and spent my night with them.


That’s my story. That’s story of how I became famous. After that day, I never talked with them. I lived on my own. But I learnt “Trust nobody”…

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