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The Future

“The Future” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Shivmangal Jagram Yadav, Dharavi Kala Qilla MPS, India.

The Future

In today’s time human beings use more electricity, more water, cutting trees called deforestation and doing many wrong things. These make our future bad.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Mr. Krishnan Yadav. He was a social worker. There was also a rich man named Puneet Jadhav. Krishnan Yadav always talk about water wastage, electricity, deforestation etc. He was a Hindu and from a district named Avadh. But his friends are Marathi, Christian, Muslim, Punjabi, Buddhist, Parsee, Jain etc. But he did not like foreigners. All Indians work with Krishnan Yadav in her missions. But he left the district Mayanagari.

Puneet jadhav was very rich in Mayanagari everyone knows who is Puneet Jadhav. He was jealous of Krishnan Yadav. Krishnan Yadav says don't use more electricity, keep water harvesting, keep aforestation etc. But Puneet Jadhav does opposite. Everyone was scared of Puneet Jadhav. So when Puneet Jadhav announced don't do the things that are ordered by Krishnan Yadav. He also persuaded the people to do opposite things such as use more electricity, waste water, and cut trees called deforestation. Everyone scared and do the things said by Puneet Jadhav.

After some years Puneet Jadhav’s son completed 12th class and came to his home from hostel. Puneet Jadhav made his son like him. The name of his son was Naman Jadhav. After some years Naman Jadhav got married and he has two sons and one daughter.

After some years Krishnan Yadav’s son had completed graduation and came to his home from North East India. Krishnan Yadav son’s name is Pavan Yadav. He also made him a social worker. After some time Pavan Yadav had married and he have a son.

After some time Pavan Yadav became a district collector. And Naman Jadhav became a mechanical engineer. Naman Jadhav made flying cars, automatically starting cars, automatically starting Motor bike, automatic computer. All the people of Mayanagari use more electricity, use Mobile Phone away from limits. They cut down trees make buildings. Everyone use Washing machine, but it is not need because everyone have hands, washing clothes from hands. Use Dough maker machine, Automatic bread maker. Use Air Conditioners. Make automatic opening door system. And use opening door system in cars, when any one go near to the car the car’s door was automatically open, when we sitting in the car, the car was automatically start. Use Computers, Laptops, Mobiles and away from limits.

When Pavan Yadav knew about this things he went in many places and requested to all don’t do things away from limits. And went in Naman Jadhav house and said to all people and Naman Jadhav,

Ati ka bhala na barsana

Ati kee bhali na dhoop

Ati kee bhali na boalna

Ati kee bhali na choop

Means everything have a limit, don't cross the limit. He said success is good but not away from limit.

After some time Pavan Yadav was sad and take transfer to other district with his family. But in Mayanagari the day to day life was destroyed. The nature was most important for human beings. Means without nature human beings cannot live. In the Air, The smoke of mills, The smoke of Vehicles, from these smoke emission of harmful gases such as Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Sulphur dioxide, Soot. Large scale emissions of smoke through different agencies. This smoked directly mixes with the atmosphere disturbing the balance between the constituent of air. These cause Air pollution.

In the city water was polluted. The dirty water was mixed in pure water, the dirty water of industries, houses mixed in the water cause Water pollution. Mayanagari was fully polluted. From the increasing of pollution, The Ozone layer was destroyed. The Ultra violet rays of sun is harming the skin everyone have a illness and infection like Typhoid, Cholera etc. In the last time every one and Naman Jadhav think and remembering; Pavan Yadav was said truth. And they were died.


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