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The Familiar Summoning

“The Familiar Summoning” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Thu Xin Yin, Sekolah Sri Kdu, Malaysia.

The Familiar Summoning

I stood in the warehouse, hugging my body as I shivered. The moonlight from the tiny window was shining ever so brightly, but I didn’t get much comfort from it.

“Come on, Ellia, you can do this.” I muttered to myself, glancing nervously at my watch. Two more minutes before my thirteenth birthday. Two more minutes before I summon my familiar.

My family has always been ridiculed for our weak familiars, which were supposed to protect us. While other families had strong ones, mine had animals such as grasshoppers, squirrels, goldfishes, and many more. Many more weak and useless ones.

I would get bullied in school because of my family’s reputation, and also because we were poor. In my world, people with weak familiars didn’t earn much.

I looked at my name on the floorboards. To summon a familiar, you had to write your name using your favourite color, then chant the ancient words. For me, I had used denim blue, as it was my favourite colour.

I bit my fingers nervously, and checked my watch. Thirty more seconds. The world seemed to spin round and round. Imaginary voices sprouted from my head, taunting at me…

In all honesty, I was terrified of what my familiar would be. What if it was just an insect? I promised Mum I would make our family proud. I didn’t want to disappoint her...

I checked my watch. Ten more seconds. I mentally counted down until I had to say the words. Five, four, three, two, one, zero.

“Dioj kaj diinoj supre! Mi petegas viajn potencojn doni al mi mian propran beston!”I chanted.

I waited for my familiar to come. After a few seconds, nothing happened. I began to grow nervous. What if I don’t have a familiar? It wasn’t unheard of to not have a familiar, but then I’d be made fun of for the rest of my life, and I would disappoint my family. Oh, what to do...

Suddenly, a small ball of light popped right in front of me. I jumped a little. I felt as if it was calling out to me. Hesitantly, I reached out to touch it. The moment I touched it, the warehouse exploded in light. Strong gusts of wind blew, and I had to shield my eyes from the light, clutching a nearby cabinet to not be blown away. After a few moments, it stopped. Nothing happened.

I timidly opened my eyes, expecting a dragonfly or a type of insect, but that was not what was in front of me. No, it was far from it.

The one and only Naga, the mythical water deity, stood before me. Thick, black scales seemed to gleam in the dark. Thin slits of golden eyes seemed to stare at my soul.

It rumbled. “No need to be so shocked, my dear.”

I snapped back to reality. “You-you can talk?!” I stammered. It chuckled lowly.

“Of course. I am the Naga. Would you like me to take a more humanoid form?” Ishakily nodded.

The Naga hummed a low tone, and slowly shifted into a human. I gasped as I saw the formally dressed man stand in front of me, a blue aura surrounding him. Golden eyes patted his suit as he straightened up.

“Ah, much better.” He grinned, and I saw sharp teeth and shivered. ‘Scary…’ I thought. He turned to me and offered a smile.

“Hello there. You can call me Naga.” He held out a gloved hand. I took it, shaking his hand as firm as I possibly could manage in my shock.

“Well, I g-guess you can call me Ellia.” I timidly said, He hummed in thought, and smiled, sharp teeth showing. I tried my best not to flinch.

“Well then, Ms. Ellia, I do believe you need to introduce me to your, family, am I right?” Naga questioned. I offered him a nervous smile, and led him out of the warehouse.

“Oh! Um, yes!” I said, before realizing what this means. “Um, can I express my, um, feelings to this right now?”

Naga tilted his head. “Sure.” He shrugged.

I took a deep breath, then let out a tremendously loud scream. I was overjoyed. Finally, my family had a powerful familiar! I could bring my family honour! I then realized Naga wass till beside me. I rubbed my head sheepishly. Surprisingly, he didn’t seem shocked, merely curious.

“Um, forget that?” I asked. He nodded amusedly. Then, a thought popped into my head.

“Naga? Could you turn back to your animal form?” I asked.

He looked at me questioningly, but did it anyways. I watched in awe as he shifted back to being the ferocious Naga again.

I smiled brightly, hoping I didn’t show any sign of fear. “Let’s go, Naga! I have to show my family!”

I didn’t know what the future would bring, but as long as I had Naga by my side, I think I’ll be fine.

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