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The End

“The End” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Lauren Louise Taylor, Manchester Creative and Media Academy, UK.

The End

Panicked and terrified I ran as fast as my frail legs could take me up the colossal hill. Although the vast hill was high and the pressure was unbearable it wasn’t high enough. Regretfully, as I looked down all I could see was the dark whirling water rise ever so quickly. The water was already half way up the hill and it just kept rising, and as it did I could feel myself shaking in my own skin even more.

Freezing, the water was an evil pool of darkness as it smacked against the hill onto my face. Deadly water whirled rapidly around in circles like a tornado. Huge waves sucked up all of the innocent creatures like it was seeking the easiest victims. Huge clouds spat out large hail and large droplets of rain with brutal force. Huge rocks where forced against the corroding hill.

Goosebumps were scaling up my arms with fear, so I didn’t have time to notice the water had risen to my numb, cold feet. The water was immensely freezing and felt like it held the devil inside.

I was supposed to think of a plan. But I didn’t. The water had beaten me in its manipulating game that it played. A race to the death.

Disturbingly, the water smelt like blood and I could taste death in my blistered mouth as I imagined it was killing its earlier victims. The smell of blood was so putrid it was making my cracked dry eyes water in horror.

Water began to seep under my feet and it began to feel very slippery. Petrified. Fear built up inside me and I felt like I was about to erupt into tears like a volcano spewing scorching larva. My Goosebumps covered legs trembled heavily with fear as I kept sliding and could not hold on to the hill.

Worryingly I knew I wasn’t going to make it as there was nothing to grip onto but thin, pure air. Whilst breathing heavily, my heart skipped a beat whilst it was pleading for help.

I tried to think of a quick plan but all I could think was to jump. My head wouldn’t stop saying “jump! Jump! Jump!” but there was no way I would survive. If the gigantic whirlpools didn’t kill me the coldness of the water would. Either way I would get sucked under the dark mysterious water.

Before I had chance to think I slipped. Thankfully I grasped onto the top of the hill, with half of my body freezing cold in the stone cold water. I could not hold on any longer and I lost my grip.

Whilst screaming at the top of my broken lungs I fell into the evil water with a splash. I was swished in circles and gradually sank deeper into the mystery water. I was dying as I could feel my heart slow down. I wasn’t dead but I was dead inside. Only another victim.

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