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The Dream

“The Dream” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Ridhwan Ahamed, JSS International School, Dubai, UAE.

The Dream

Ridhwan was a 12-year-old boy, who always dreamt about creating a robot which can carry 7 people and fly its passengers to anywhere in the world. Ridhwan was a very introverted child who always got bullied by his classmates. When he started talking about his robot everyone except his family ignored him.

Each time anyone bullies or ignores him he feels sad and he gets really bad thoughts. Ridhwan reached high school and he stopped talking about his robot to others but he never stopped dreaming about it. After he finished his school, he asked his parents if he could have a 1-year break from studying as he wanted to start building the robot. His parents accepted and they supported him in his project. He started working on his robot. He had to use machinery to make his robot, which made a lot of noise. His neighbors were not able to sleep and work in silence. His neighbors complained to the security and eventually, he was asked to leave. Ridhwan found an apartment for him to stay. He worked on his robot in his terrace where no one was there to complain. He built a room for him to keep his machines and his robot after work. 4 months later, he completed his robot. He risked his life and sat in the robot to test it. The robot was flying successfully for around 5 mins and covered 10 km distance.

Few seconds later, he was facing engine failure in mid-air. He forgot to add emergency equipment.The next thing he knew, he was surrounded by water. He landed in the Dubai water canal. He did not get hurt but his robot exploded in the water. He lost all his work. His passion for his dream did not die. He started off again on his robot. 8 months later, he was done with his flying robot and named it R7. It had 7 leather seats with a cup holder each. There was a big screen in front of the seats and you can control the robot with the help of the screen.

This time he managed to convince his whole family to be the first people to fly what will later become world’s greatest robot. There was no problem with the R7. It went faster than the previous one, it covered 50 km in 5 mins. They were watching the skyscrapers of Dubai while riding on the luxurious R7. The R7 landed on its destination, JBR. After his family got off the R7, they hugged him as they did not expect him to create an excellent invention. They were astonished by his capability. He was satisfied with his robot and felt happy as he fulfilled his childhood dream. He later on created 25 R7s and sold each for 10 million $ each. He received many awards from famous people. Ridhwan’s story tells us to never give up and chase your dreams. He faced many difficulties when he was creating his robot and also after building his robot, still he wanted to build hid dream robot.

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