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The Dragon’s Eye

“The Dragon’s Eye” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Darshil Agrawal, Global Indian International School, Queenstown, Singapore.

The Dragon’s Eye

“Class, today we will begin painting our favourite mythical creature. Take your brushes and paints from my Table.” The Art teacher called out to the noisy class. Shaun and Chang went to get their materials from her table along with the rest of the class. “I am going to paint a Centaur, what are you going to paint Shaun?” asked Chang. “It’s a surprise, I’ll show you when I am done” Shaun replied.

The whole class set to work, each one working on their favourite mythical creature. The class ended, and the completion of their paintings was postponed to their next art class. As the boys exited the art room, Chang again asked Shaun what his mythical creature was, but Shaun just wouldn’t tell.

“I’m done with my creature, how does it look?” asked Chang in their next art class.

“It looks really good” replied Shaun “It’s amazing how you made it look so real. You are really good at art Chang.“

“Thank you Shaun. How is yours going on can you tell me, what it is now? “Asked Chang “All right, I’ll tell you my creature is a Dragon, but I just can’t get its eye right” replied Shaun

“A Dragon!” Thank goodness you didn’t draw the eyes. In the Chinese myths it is said that if you draw the eyes in the wrong way, the dragon will bring you bad luck. You need to be very careful how you draw the eyes, it is a very difficult task which should be taken very seriously.” Chang said.

“Honestly Chang, That’s just a myth. That doesn’t happen in real life, I don’t believe that.” Shaun said and with that he drew the eye.

As the boys exited the art room Shaun stepped on a piece of toffee and bird droppings missed him by inches. Shaun kept telling Chang that it was just a coincidence and it is nothing to be worried about but the tension never left Chang’s face.

A whole week passed and misfortune kept striking Shaun. By then Shaun started believing that this was because of the eyes he had drawn incorrectly, the following art class Shaun told Chang about his misfortune and erased the dragon’s eye.

“I’m sorry Chang I doubted you and that myth” apologized Shaun.

“It’s ok, I’m glad you weren’t hurt” replied Chang.

With that Shaun’s streak of misfortune ended. But when bad luck struck Shaun remembered his dragon and smiles.

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