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The Dolphin Show and the Three Wishes

“The Dolphin Show and the Three Wishes” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Eshal Khan, Gulf English School, Doha, Qatar.

The Dolphin Show and the Three Wishes

Lily was very bored playing with her new dolls, so she decided to watch T.V. When she turned it on, there was a dolphin show! “OH! I love these shows; I will go ask my Dad if we could go there too.”

Dad said… “No dear, some other day.” “Pleeeeeeeeas! Daddy.” “Only once!” requested Lily. “Okay, dear.” dad agreed. “Yay!”This is my first time I’m going to a Dolphin Show!” said Lily. Lily told her mom and sister about the Dolphin Show “Oh! Grrreat!”Said mom. “Yippee!” jumped Suzy, Lily’s younger sister.

In the evening, everyone went to the Dolphin Show, but they were stuckin a big traffic. “Aghh!” sighed Suzy. “It’s taking a long time.” Suzy was sweating because it was taking long.

“Mummy I’m exhausted! How long would it take?” asked Lily. “Yeah, we’ll be there soon, so be patient, dear.” answered mum. “Okay.” replied Lily. Finally, they reached their destination. “What a massive Dolphin Show!” boomed Suzy. “Oh! Grrreat! I am so excited” exclaimed Lily. “I never saw this big dolphin show!” claimed mom. “This is a fabulous place.” recognized dad.

Everyone loved it, it was amazing. “Hey!”said dad. “Let’s go and find a place to sit.” “Oh! Yeah that’s a great idea.” Mum added. Then they found a place and seated. They were anxiously waiting for the show to start.After a short while, the show started. “Ok Guys...” screamed the man. “Today we’re going to show you what this lovely Dolphin does!” “Say eeeq dolphin.” Whispered the man. “Eeeq!” squawked the Dolphin. “OMG! She said it!” Pointed the man. Suddenly, the audience heard a sound....“Ahhhhhhh!”IT WAS THE ANIMALS!!

Suddenly, all of the audience jumped out of their seats and started to have a wonderful party. And so did Lily and her family. Finally when the show ended, everyone went back home. They were all so sleepy that they didn’t eat or changed their clothes. The next morning, when Lily woke up, she found a mail under the front door. She went to pick it up and read it out loud….. “This is a very special note, so follow the instructions carefully…you will be granted 3 wishes at 12:00 pm today, so you better decide of what to ask for. REMEMBER! Do not use on mischievous acts, ask for money or ask for infinite wishes.”

You’re faithfully,

Mr. Postman

To: Mr. Paul’s (Lily’s dad) family.

Just after reading the note, Lily was amazed and threw the letter in the bin, quickly to decide what to ask for. Lily didn’t pay attention to the note as much as she could. She took out her cute notebook and started to write what three things she wanted. “So I want…..ummm…a UNICORN! What else to ask for …oh maybe I could ask for a flying bike and lastly I wish I could get a million wishes! And once I get my million wishes, I’m gonna have fun. All-righty! Now I’m done with my wishes and I just have to wait for 12:00pm, YIKES!!”Lily said as she closed her notebook. She waited and waited till it was finally noon. “OMG! It’s noon!” whispered Lily, as her parents and sister didn’t know about the wishes. In the meantime, Lily read her wishes out loud. Two of the wishes appeared right in front of her but the million wish didn’t. Lily was not amazed; she wondered why her last wish didn’t appear, so she read it again. It still didn’t work. Lily was upset and decided to quit. Meanwhile, mom found a letter in the bin, so she picked it up and read it. Mom understood why Lily was sad and went to HELP her. “Lily, I’m gonna tell you something.” said mom. “What?” replied Lily. Her mom told her why her last wish wasn’t appearing. And the other wish Lily wanted was to go to the Dolphin Show every day, so she wished for that. It worked! Then Lily asked her mom how she knew about the wishes. Her mom told her the story and after that, Lily decided that she would NEVER hide anything from her family again!

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