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The Cursed Journey

“The Cursed Journey” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Raihaan Kassam, Al Muntazir Boys Primary School, Tanzania.

The Cursed Journey

One night, as Percy came back from work, he noticed that something was very wrong. Lights were off in his house. Normally he often would see light pouring out of his window and his daughter running to greet him, but today it was nothing.

He ran quickly into the house to see what had happened but no one was there. He was alarmed by now because no one answered him and the more he shouted, the creepier it would get.

He checked the whole house but all he found was a note which read “sorry dear, for not telling you but Jessica (his daughter) and I (wife) have gone to buy a present". Percy was relieved so he sat down put his bag on the side, got some snacks and watched the TV. He watched National Geographic, Animal Planet and BBC news. The reporter David McMahon came on, Percy was really eager to hear him.

David said that there had been a car accident of a girl named Jessica and her mother Lily. Percy fell down from the couch with shock. He shouted out aloud but no one replied him. David was still on and he said that Lily had a husband suffering from cancer, it was Percy.

Percy went to his room and saw another note written in Jessica’s handwriting, it read: “Daddy, why don’t you play with me? You always compose music but you never play with me. It’s not fair daddy. Please play with me. Percy went to his garage for his car. He opened the garage door and zoomed off to where the accident occurred. By the time he reached, people were leaving. Percy fell down in tears, Jessica his only daughter and dearest wife Lily were gasping for their last breaths. Lily wanted to say something, some final words to her husband, but both of them were left in silence as she closed her eyes. “Daddy, please I don’t want to go, daddy I’m so scared, some ones dragging mummy and I, please help me”

Percy was heart broken now, confused and didn’t understand his daughter's message. What was Jessica trying to tell her dad? What were Lily’s final words? For a moment, Percy took a deep breath as he tries to remember something. It was a story which he would tell Jessica at every bed time. This was about Percy, Lily and Jessica going on a long drive, Everything seems to be very beautiful, everyone was so happy, Jessica singing her favorite tune composed by her daddy, and wife Lily enjoying every second of the drive until suddenly the brakes jam, and Percy tries to stop the car, he tries to brake but fails and suddenly feels a strange pull as the car accelerates and hits a lamp post CRRRASSH…. “Percy, can we go now? called Lily, is she asleep?”

“Yes” answered Percy and he switched the bed lamp off, hugged Jessica good night and left the room silently.

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