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The Beginning of New World

“The Beginning of New World” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Sanket Kumar, D. A. V. Public school, Bihar Sharif, India.

The Beginning of New World

It was the year 2053; I was an Indian soldier and I came to my home on holiday. I knew that it was a very beautiful morning. When, I was going to the market, but I felt something abnormal in the market. So, I quickly came home and turned on the TV. A breaking news was telecasting in TV. News reporter said that,“China attacked on America with North Korea, many people saying that it is the beginning of World War 3.”I was shocked when I hear the news. Suddenly, my phone started ringing, I attended the call. It was Colonel Dev Shakti he said,“It is an emergency, collect your team and report to Doke La Base immediately.” I was also the head of a battalion and my group name was Dark Knight. I went to Chennai Bose Airport for the flight of Kolkata Naidu Airport.

Flight landed on Kolkata, I saw that Kolkata was in state of alarm and everywhere riots were spreading in every part of the city. President Bharat Arjun Trivedi was live on TV and radio saying that,“My people you didn’t need to be afraid. Our military already control this situation in many part of the country. We very soon manage everything. We need your help to control this situation, so help us. Thank you!” But, I had no time to see this situation I had to go Doke La Base as soon as possible. So, I and my team went to helipad of Kolkata Naidu Airport, where Helicopters were waiting for my team. We were gone to Doke La.

We reached to Doke La Base; Colonel Dev Shakti arranged the meeting without waiting a minute. He said, “Although, you knew that World War 3 is started. So, I’m here to tell you in this war who is with us and who is against us. In this war, Russia, Japan, India and Britain are in first group and the name of this group is Justice Power, USA, France, Israeli and Italy in second group and name of this group is Super Power, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and North Korea is in third group and this is Dragon khalif Power.” Suddenly, the alarm started buzzing. Everyone came out, Sardar Bhagat was standing on watch tower seeing with binoculars said that Chinese army attacking on us.

I asked, “Are they with tanks and planes?” He replied, “Yes Sir, they are fully armed and with hi-tech tanks and planes.” Colonel Dev Shakti said, “Everyone the war started. So, take position.” Chinese army was coming towards us, they were destroying everything that came in their path. The war stated in Doklam. Heavy firing from both sides was started. In this war, 3 members of dark knight died. But, I didn’t stop I continued the war. Three bullets wounded my feet.

I had taken to control room. I contacted the headquarters and asked for help. I turned on the radio, reporter saying that, “The whole world is in danger, The Chinese air force dropped an atom bomb in New York City and Washington is under attack of Russian army. American army attacked on Petro guard and Navy of USA attack on China. A nuclear missile is launched by Britain on Israeli. France army attack and occupied the London City. Mumbai is under attack of Pakistan army.” The sound of firing stopped.

I came out of the room and I saw that Japanese air force destroyed all the tanks and planes of Chinese army. We won the warof Doklam. I saw that it was my friend whose name is Minato. I became his friend, when I went Japan for my training. When, I said him, “Thanks for helping us.”He replied, “You didn’t need to be thanks me. The war is not over. We have to help the people who are in danger. I don’t want this war and I know that you also don’t want it. This war is a storm, if we do not control it will blow up the life from the earth. In this war, we are in the side of humanity. We have to fight for our family, for those who don’t want this war, for those who are innocent.” I said, “You are right. But, we have to make some plane for it. So, we have to arrange meeting immediately.” While arranging the meeting, Minato said, “First we have to handicap the countries who are dangerous for us, especially Dragon khalif Power.”

We were going to Bangalore for destroying the satellite of China and North Korea. When, we reached Bangalore, we met the chairman of ISRO and said him to help us. ISRO launched a space craft, which destroyed all satellites of China and North Korea and made them blind technically. We were shocked, when we hear that Israeli was totally distracted and couldn’t find its evidence on the map. After that, America and Russia launched missiles to North Korea. I thought that, “They are so dumb they can’t imagine the world after this war.” Minato called a press conference, “In this war we are in the side of humanity. People who don’t want this war or who can imagine the world after this war should join us. Because, this is not just a war this is a disaster.”

After the press conference many people from different places supported us. But, they were not able to stop the World War 3. Now, we had to go North Korea, because they were thinking about launching their all nuclear missiles. So, we had to go North Korea as soon as we can. On the way of North Korea, a missile was coming towards our plane launched by North Korean army. But, before the missile destroyed our plane, we jumped from it with parachutes. We were thanking god for saving us. But, our mission to stop North Korea to launch nuclear missiles was failed. Missiles devastated different part of the world. North Korea was also launched missile to their friend country Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Many people were surviving in this critical condition. After this nuclear war many people from different regions were joining our group. After that, the army of every country who were alive attacked on North Korea in the leadership of Minato. North Korea surrendered and we won the World War 3.

After this war, one-forth population was left and new constitution was formed UN became the head of the world and the whole world became a country. According to this constitution, 10 people from different parts of the world controlled the world or we can say that the whole country. A parliament formed and the President of countries which is now states are the member of this parliament. Everyone accepted this constitution and new world begins. Minato became the head of this Chief 10 and I was elected as the Chief 10. After some time Minato died from cancer, and I became the Chief 10.So, this is my story.

I tell my story when, In Press Conference a reporter asked me, “How did you become the head of Chief 10 from a solider?”, and I pledged that day to make this world beautiful, wonderful and happy.

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