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The Adventures of Time Travel

“The Adventures of Time Travel” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Yashi Tyagi, SPS International Academy Kosi Kalan, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The Adventures of Time Travel

Ab antique about 500 years ago, there was a kingdom named Trivenum. It was named so because it was surrounded by three seasonal rivers which bear tides in rainy season and remained dry throughout the year. It was an Assez Blen (pretty well) place with lush green sights all around. The Trivenum Kingdom was a perfect blend of tradition and prosperity. By god’s grace it was provided with all natural resources which were used but not exploited by man. One could have a sigh of relief in nature’s lap there. This dis tingue (distinguished) kingdom was owned by a desperate ruler who was age quod agis (powerful), his name was King Ramangangam Suryavanshi; he was nicknamed as King Raman. The king always worked for the welfare and betterment of his people. He wanted to search each and every means by which he could make his people happier and wealthier. He passed many plans, policies and reports for the welfare of his people but he was not satisfied. He wanted his present to be more comfortable, luxurious, productive and prosperous. Actually he was not very happy with his life and palace in which he lived. He believed that land was productive but people were not creative enough to pull out the best from it, he thought that they had ample resources but not the actual technique to make their use for the mankind. He wanted to explore something innovative and new. King Raman decided to see L’avenir (future) and the past. He decided to make a time travel from his past to future to explore new ideas. He was quite sure that past and future would be more exciting, interesting and satisfying than his present. So, he sat wheel within wheels in search of halcyon days (happy days).

The Padron (king) took the uphill task and formulated two forces of working personnel. To the one he named ‘The Intelligence Force’ and ordered it to Ad manum (invent) a time machine and to the other he commanded to Quaere (explore) it (to find out whether it had been invented before anywhere else in the world). His desire to see the future strengthened as time slipped slowly.

About a year passed but there were still no signs of success, the Padron himself set into a voyage around the world in search of a time machine using which he could access his desire to go through a time travel... All the searches being conducted by three forces were at their peak. They left no stone unturned in search of a time machine. A lot of money was spent and midnight oil was burnt and finally they succeeded…!!!!!.

The Padron found a giant structure of time machine near the Yokuhama city in Japan. On the other hand ‘The Search Engine Force’ found a past telling device in New Argentina while the ‘Intelligence Force’ succeeded in the invention of time machine which could see near future. The king was very happy to have three time machines simultaneously. He was excited to see the L’avenin and the past. All the arrangements were made for king’s departure and the machines were also examined thoroughly.

At first, he sat into the past traveller time machine and reached 150 B.C. i.e. the age of early man or the Stone Age. The king was very excited to reach such a place which was so quite. As the king leaped out of the machine there was no one far around. As far as he could see there were green grass and blue sky. The king was very happy until it came………………

It was a giant Pterodactyl with a long peak, huge nails, wide wings and a massive blue- pink body. It picked up the king in his beak and flew away. The king screamed HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! But no one was there to hear him. Suddenly the giant aerial dinosaur left him on the ground and flew away. The king was happy to be released but he didn’t know that the real problem was just behind him. It was the king of dinosaurs of whom everyone feared of death. No one can forget his name it was a giant T- rax. It had sharp teeth which meant in articulo Martis to one’s life. The king was extremely terrified and ran at his best speed. By fortune he escaped hurriedly but reached wrong place where some hungry early man were roasting flesh over fire. They wanted a man’s flesh to eat so they ran after him. The king again rushed back and luckily he reached the place where his time machine was and finally reached his Trevanam. He was very happy to come back and told everyone that the past was very horrible with everything at the sake all around. He was happy that his kingdom didn’t have dianosorous elements. But still he had a desire to see the future.

The Padron still thought that the future must be more luxurious and comfortable than the past and the present. They made certain arrangements in the time machine and set a wonderful journey to the future; he reached the times of 1930’s and 40’s. It was an era of revolts, wars, riots, destruction and crises. The king found people bearing harsh treatments all over the world. King Raman also encountered to one such situation. People participating in a rally ran over him. Some of them thought him to be a puppet king under Britishers and rained their frustration on him. When he escaped from there he has to bear the gun point of a British officer who thought him to be an Indian emperor. The officer wanted him to give whatever he had. The king ran once again in disguise and escaped de gratia once again. In that era he saw people dying with one’s boots on and others dying in bed due to shortage of food. Most of the population was in deep water and palmy days were no more. There was misery, grief, destruction passium. The king returned to his land once again; greatly disappointed and in impasse difficulty. He told everyone that time will not carry great mercy in the near future with it.

But again he was hopeful that the far future must be more relaxing and will surely give a way to improve productivity. Once again the machine was Ad hoc-ed and the king Raman reached 2050 year. The environment was completely new for him. There was no more lush greenery around him and he was surrounded by tall buildings, malls, cars, etc.There was such great population that no one could stand at a place for a few seconds due to rush of crowd. Death rates declined to zero due to improvement in medical science old people rejuvenated themselves by adjusting artificial hearts and lungs in them. Everyone lived singly, no one had time for another, and everyone was busy. The environment was so polluted that people couldn’t even breathe without oxygen cylinders. Moral values like charity, brotherhood, trust, togetherness, unity were completely disappeared. There were robots for each task one of such robot baked a cake. The king was hungry so he stepped inside the window; suddenly the thief alarm sirened and the window fell down over his neck. The guard robot arrived and slapped his bump until it grew red. The king ran away screaming and shouting. He again came back to his land.

The king was in despair; he wept bitterly and cursed himself for trying to find more happiness in past and future. He thanked his motherland and kissed it. He understood that the real essence was in enjoying the present and not wandering in past and future. Also one should thank the god for what one has received from him. The real happiness is in serving others with humanity, kindness and love.

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