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The Adventures of Biskit the Cat

“The Adventures of Biskit the Cat” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Mia Ayesha Azam Azi, Sri Kdu Smart School, Malaysia.

The Adventures of Biskit the Cat

Biskit, a British shorthair cat, stared outside the window from day to night and night to day. Every day he tried to escape to see and feel how it was to be outside with other friends. Until one day, he managed to escape outside. He saw other cats. They were ugly, skinny and skin-rashed cats. Biskit was terrified but he wanted to explore more. So he started walking slowly and slowly but suddenly, a cat pounced on him and he screamed as loud as he could. So he ran far away from his home. He lost track of home and he ended up in a forest. He was cold and he missed his home. It started raining so he went deeper into the forest to find shelter. While finding for shelter, he saw a pond with lots of water and lots of fresh and mouthwatering fish. So Biskit opened his claws and reached out for a fish. He caught some fishes and he started eating the fishes.

Biskit saw a cave near the pond. So he went into the cave and took a nap. When he woke up, it was a bright morning. He went to explore. While exploring, he found many beautiful flowers and animals. After a tiring day, he went back to his cave. Unfortunately, he had to share his cave with some rabbits. The rabbits took a lot of space. So Biskit slept at the corner. He regretted leaving his cozy, safe and beautiful home. When he woke up, he remembered having a dream of his owners trying to find him. So Biskit started to find ways to get out of the forest but before that, he needed to have his breakfast first. After having his breakfast, he started walking to find his way out.

Biskit imagined how happy his owners would be. So, he started to have some courage to get out of the scary forest. While Biskit was walking, he heard noises coming from the bushes. He started walking faster. Suddenly, he could see busy roads. He started to have a feeling that he is quite near to his home. He remembered his house was near the road and started to cross the road. He could also see a familiar lane. He was very happy because he felt that he was near his home.

Biskit started running fast with joy and curiosity but in a split second, a little girl picked him up. He scratched her face and ran as quickly as he could. He saw a familiar house, which looks similar to his house. Biskit started to tear up because he was so happy to be near to his home. He started searching his home at that lane. He saw the angry cats again that meant it was even closer to his home. Biskit was worried and cold. It started to rain and he was starting to get wet. At last, he found his home and his owners opened the door and saw Biskit wet and cold. His owners picked him up and brought him inside the house. After that incident, Biskit never wanted to go out ever again.

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