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The Adventure Of Clarissa Anastasya

“The Adventure Of Clarissa Anastasya” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Qanita Sri Nathania, Sekolah Citra Berkat, Indonesia.

The Adventure Of Clarissa Anastasya

Once upon a time, in Indonesia Jakarta, lived a girl with her mother. But she do not has a father. Her name was Clarissa Anastasya, she was born in jakarta 28 February 2000. Clarissa grew to a beutiful girl she was also a humble girl. The name of her mother was Kate. One day, when Clarissa was cleaning her room she found a mini book.”I never see this book before, it’s not mine” said Clarissa. She asked her mother about the mini book, her mother said “I will tell you when you was 12 years old.”said her mother, Clarissa felt her mother never like this to her before.

3 years later, Clarissa asked the same thing when she was 9 years old but she remembered her mother want to tell her when 12 years old, and now she is 12 years old, but her mother didn’t said anything until a friend of Clarissa’s mother came to Clarissa’s house. The friend of Clarissa’s mother came and said “Kate, I think you should have a new husband, I think you can marry one of my brothers?” Clarissa’s mother talked to Clarisssa about what her friend was talking. Clarissa heard that she has a new father she realy mad to her mother. At night Clarissa think about that, she think if that good for her mother, she will do anythig for her mother, finally she decided to permit her mother to mary. Early morning when the weding start Clarissa said to her brother “If that man hurt me and my mother, I will beat him two thousand time.”

Early morning , Clarissa already arrived at the school. Camara, one of Clarissa friends, said “Clar, I’m happy for you, now you have a father.” Cam, now I don’t want to talk to you, we can talk later alright” said Clarissa. After reaching home from her school, Clarissa mother said “I want you to see something that you want to know.”When Clarissa’s mother show the mini book, Clarissa mother said nothing about that the mini book .

She said that the mini book is from her grandfather who was passed away.”But mom, if grandfather passed away where’s my father ? I want to meet him.” said Clarissa to her mother. Her mother said “Your father was missing when we were in Bali.”Clarissa wanted to find her father in Bali,finaly she decided to go to Bali tomorrow. Early morning she went to the airport.When she arrived at the airport her mother said “Clar, be careful,take care alright.”

When Clarissa was in Bali she didn’t know what she do, finaly she meet an old woman and she asked “ Exusme, are you sure the name of my father is Huffred Oktavian, and he was missing when I was 2 years old?That old woman said ”I didn’t know, but 3 months ago a man asked me the same thing, but he wanted to find his daugther and his wife, he said if someone asked about that man he worked at the ocean blue company.” Clarissa said thankyou to that old man.

Clarissa went to that company, when she arrived she asked one of the securty staf in that company “Exusme sir do you know Mr Huffred Oktavian he was working in this company.” Said Clarissa.The security said “Ahh Mr.Huffred he is a chief director in this company, but Mr.Huffred was passed away two months ago because he has hard attack. He told he wanted to give this company to his daugther, if it was not wrong her name is Clarissa Anastasya.” Clarissa cried and said “ Father I can not look your face again, but I promise to handle this company for you father.” Finaly Clarissa be the chief director in that company, her mother and her new father lived together and happly ever after.

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