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The Abandoned Girl

“The Abandoned Girl” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Hameedah Opeyemi Ibrahim, RA International School, Bonny Island, Nigeria.

The Abandoned Girl

Not so long ago, there was living a family; they were usually called the Lila family. They were just a couple with no children. Mr. Lila loved his wife so much than anybody else. The couple had no children so they prayed to get at least a child. They really wanted twins but they didn’t want to ask too many for a start.

Mrs. Lila had a lot of severe pains on her body. So her husband went to the hospital to test out the results. The doctor said that a baby girl was going to come out beautifully. Mrs. Lila was imagining how beautiful the baby was going to be.

“I can’t wait for this baby to come out.” Said Mrs. Lila with her pains. This news was carried around the city. This city was named after this family because of their love and kindness for people. Everyone in the city came to see the Lila family to see how the family was feeling about the baby.

In two weeks she was going to give birth so the pain increased. The doctor took care of the baby and the mum until it was the day of birth. Everyone was so happy for her and her husband.

The baby was going to come out by 7:00 am and the time was 6:58 am. It was almost time for the baby to come out and she felt too much of pain that you are not supposed to have. Two minutes past and the baby came out beautifully. But the mother had kicked the bucket sadly. The doctor quickly called the nurse to give baby a vaccination. The husband arrived with the baby’s stuff and arrived at the hospital to see the beautiful baby girl but to miss his lovely wife.

His wife was the best person he loved in life so he forgot about his baby, he cried while driving back and he told everyone about this news. Everyone was shocked when they heard this news.

Her husband forgot about his baby in the hospital all because of his loved one was dead. This baby was so intelligent to locate her father. But no matter how much she screamed her father couldn’t hear what she said. He wanted to kill himself because of this incident.

How loving. But how can you forget about the daughter you have been praying for. He blamed his daughter and the doctor for his wife’s death. He blamed his daughter for kicking his wife’s stomach too hard. And he blamed the doctor for taking care of the baby. This was so nice.

This baby grew older and she followed her father but he always pushed her back. He didn’t recognize her because he abandoned her when she was little. But this doctor heard about the father abandoning his daughter and she tried to track her down. She couldn’t get the exact location.

This girl has tried begging from the people around the town for money. But they never recognize her so they also pushed her away. As a result, she suffered a lot. What a pity. Other nurses and doctors were looking for the missing doctor who was looking for the girl. The girl wasn’t named because her mum was dead.

The doctor knew that the girl wasn’t named and wanted to take the baby as her own. The doctor wanted to give the girl a beautiful name. The doctor also wanted a child. The doctor is married. And when she wanted to give birth to her baby, the baby died.

The doctor wanted to see how it would feel to have a baby. She tried her best. This beautiful girl could feel that the doctor was looking for her. Then she was able to track down the doctor. The doctor found the girl and was still able to recognize her. The doctor came back to the hospital filled with joy.

The other doctors and nurses were not worried again and the doctor treated the girl like a real daughter. The father also died for his misdeed. The girl’s name was Jenna. And she was not more abandoned.

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