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Terrible Life, Fine Living

“Terrible Life, Fine Living” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Oluwadamisi Olukunle, RA International School, Bonny Island, Nigeria.

Terrible Life, Fine Living

Looking at the sun setting over the horizon, little Amina stood watching the birds flying in flocks coming from their winter vacation place. She often thought of her former life when Chelsea her dog will bark to get her to throw the ball and mother will call out “It’s dinner time”. “Ooh such memories” thought Amina, as she continued to gaze at the sparkling waters of the river nearby. “Amina, Amina” called a voice nearby “what are you doing”. Amina snapped out of her daydream and realised it was mother calling her. Amina joined her at the cottage.

As soon as Amina saw the cottage, she burst into tears but mother will always gently wipe them. This happened because it reminded her of the tsunami that happened two years back, the tsunami destroyed her home and town, family, friends and properties were lost even Chelsea died but Amina and mother survived the dreadful tsunami and had to live in a cottage far away from town. Mother was always there to confront her and cheer her up with her favourite coconut smoothie.

One day Amina came across a pile of boxes and in one laid a pen, the pen looked ordinary but it felt different. The pen shimmered magically as Amina picked it, then it began to glow mystically. Unaware of Amina, the pen was said to be the pen of health and wealth. It was said whoever found the pen had one wish and when all are fulfilled the pen will disappear.

As a result of the tsunami, Amina lost all her properties so she wrote a letter to a school to apply for a cleaning job, then she wished for more money. As soon as she sent the letter, she got a reply with a parcel which contained fifty million dollars. Filled with excitement Amina decided to have a nap. During the nap, she had a dream about the tsunami, people, houses and properties got washed away by the swift current, some drowned and some fled but Amina and mother hurried on top of a steady watch tower. When the tsunami was over, Amina and mother came down from the tower weeping over the dead bodies. “AAAH” screamed Amina as she woke up from her dream. Mother rushed in and sat by her as she narrated what happened.

Then mother noticed the reply letter on the table and it read “Your employment can not be granted but you can have this amount of money to start a new life”. Mother was speechless but happy and began to praise GOD for his great mercy. Mother and Amina began to plan on their new life like; getting a new home, getting a job and going to school. Amina was so excited about the new life to live.

The next day Amina and mother went to a real estate agent to find a new home, mother’s wish list was a three bedroom, three full bath, spacious home and large kitchen and living area. Finally, mother decided on a house five blocks away from the beach. The home was move in ready and 360,000 thousand dollars were spent to buy the home. Mother also settled on a restaurant business, she owned a restaurant that sold food, snacks and drinks and had a mascot and a theme song which attracted customers.

Amina was also admitted into a school called Vine Crest International School whose school fee costs $1666. Amina gained good knowledge and mother earned great profit. Things turned for worse to great. As for the pen it disappeared forever never to be found.

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