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Sue’s Adventures

“Sue’s Adventures” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Aruzhan Kazbekova, Nazarbayev Intellectual School, Aktobe city, Kazakhstan.

Sue’s Adventures

A girl named Sue lived on the strange yellow planet. She was sixteen. She was beautiful, clever and kind. She wanted to go to other planets because she was very curious. But her parents didn’t allow her to do it. They were a king and a queen. They were strict and they worried for their daughter.

On her birthday Sue got a pair of wonderful scissors. Her friend gave her when she was seven years old. But she did not know how to use it, so she kept it. She thought that if she use the scissors she would be able to see another dimension or planet. So, she decided to open a portal to another world using the scissors.

Sue knew that she would have big problems with her parents but she did it. When she used the scissors she first saw a wonderful planet Earth. Nature of the Earth was different from Sue’s planet. There were no plants, animals or cars on Sue’s planet.

Then Sue saw a boy. ‘What are you doing here?’ asked the boy.

‘I lost the way’, Sue said.

‘Do you need help?’ he inquired. Sue nodded. Then he asked her name and introduced himself as Mike.

Mike and Sue were coevals. They became good friends. They traveled together and saw a lot of dimensions and planets. Once, they fell to the Labyrinth of Death. The place was really creepy. There were three doors: the first one was guarded by the monster. It was tall, strong and had four arms, one eye, two horns on the head and two sneaks on his shoulders. His name was Oskar. He looked terrifying but actually he wasn’t that bad. He was angry because nobody communicated with him. Sue found it out when she read his mind. ‘I know your want to communicate with others’, she said. ‘How do you know that?’ Oskar asked.

‘I am a princess of Vioncess. And each princess can read minds. I have lots of friends’, she said. ‘Do you want to get acquainted with them?’ she asked. He agreed.‘But you must skip us’, Sue continued. “All right’, Oscar said.

The monster opened the first door and went out together with Sue and Mike. Two Knights stayed next to the second door. The first was black and the second was white. One of them could tell true things and the second could tell false things. But nobody knew that except Sue who could read their minds.

‘Can you open the door?’ Mike started. ‘If you guess our names’, two knights said.

‘But we don’t know your names. How can we guess them?’ Mike wondered.

‘You have three chances. If you don’t name us we will kill you’, they threatened.

They thought for some time.

‘On the Earth we have a word Yang Yin. Symbol of Yang Yin is black and white. It means good and evil always fight May be they are their names’, Mike said to Sue.

‘May be. But I am not sure’, Sue said.

‘We have three chances. If it is wrong, we will have two chances. It is better to risk’ Mike assured. And Sue agreed. So Mike told the knights their answer. Two knights opened the second door immediately so Sue, Mike and Oskar passed the second door. Then they found themselves in front of the third door where a cat lay. He looked like a scientist.

‘I want to play chess with you, girl. If you win, I will open the door. If you lose…’, he said. ‘We will die. We know it’, Sue said. ‘Yes’, said the cat. ‘Let’s play!’ he announced.

The field turned into a chess board. Plants and Sue’s friends turned into chess figures. Sue was scared. Sue wasn’t good at playing chess but she agreed because the lives of her friends depended on her. The cat and Sue have played chess for a long time. Sue thought she was going to lose, but she put a checkmate at the end. So Sue won, and she with her friends passed the third door and came out of the Llabyrinth of Death.

Three months later Sue had a night dream, where she saw her mother very sick. She was worried and decided to return to her planet. When she saw her mother she realized that her mother was on the verge of death because she missed Sue very much. Sue regretted leaving her mother.

Two months later Sue’s mother recovered. After that Sue and Mike continued their journey, but Sue often visited her mother.

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