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Steve, The Legendary Ninja

“Steve, The Legendary Ninja” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Stephen Putra Amadeus, Artistic Strategies Academy, Singapore.

Steve, The Legendary Ninja

This is the story of how Steve became a hero. Steve was 1.5 metres tall and had blue, white and black spectacles. Steve was well-known for winning KungFu tournaments throughout the galaxies. He also won the legendary previous champion Javier in one combat and did a close stunt move.

On the 16 February 2017, during break time in school, Steve found a fortune cookie in his lunchbox. Steve carefully ate half the cookie and saw a folded letter. He unfolded it and it said:

You have been invited to the Ninja Academy and I will be your mentor. You have been invited because you have the skills of airjitzu and spinjitzu with elemental powers. Your sword of wood has also made you a good and attractive nominee. You will be able to defeat the fearsome underworld creatures. Your dormitory room is 13942. Eat this slip of paper and leave your school immediately.

From: Sensei Wu.

Steve got his golden sword of wood, his ninja suit, the dragon that he tamed and his suitcase. He also ate the slip of paper and flew on his dragon to the Ninja Academy to fight the fearsome underworld creatures.

When Steve reached the Ninja Academy, he went in and met his mentor. “You must be Steve,” said Sensei Wu. “But who are the fearsome underworld creatures?” asked Steve. “There are many kinds: The Skulltons, Pythors and the Misfortune’s Keep!” said Sensei Wu. Sensei Wu showed Steve around the school. Steve wished to do some exercise to refresh himself because he was tired after a day’s travel. Sensei Wu showed him the animal enclosure and he could see his dragon eating its food there while doing his exercise. He also showed Steve his dormitory and the base balcony where Steve saw somewhere he could practice his kungfu moves. He felt thrilled after seeing these places.

Three minutes later, the school bell rang for Physical class. As part of the class, the students had fried squid tentacles, which gave the students brainpower so that they could have an edge over their competitors.

Soon, the bell rang for recess and the students and Steve bolted out of the classroom as fast as lightning. The children then received their meal: Chicken Mac & cheese with fried squid tentacles and a cup of orange juice. As the students were climbing the stairs after class, they heard the sound of the Emergency Announcement Alarm. It sounded like an explosion. “Underworld creatures are approaching!” Steve could see the Skyshark vehicle flying above the school. The driver, Dogshank, dropped a bomb near where Steve was. “Everyone, run to your classrooms and get your weapons. Steve, you are the leader,” said Sensei Wu. Steve hurriedly got his golden sword of wood and headed to the direction of the Transporter.

All the students got into their own unique vehicles. Steve rode on his dragon and took off with a blast. Steve led the pack and distracted his opponents by making his dragon fly low and shoot out a ball that turned into wood! Steve then landed on their base to defeat them and save his classmates. Steve was able to avoid his opponents blow as he used airjitzu. Suddenly, Steve’s dragon swooped down and scooped the creatures into a volcano and made them disappear. Sensei Wu arrived on the scene. “They’re all dead including my dragon,” Steve said worriedly. “Maybe not,” replied Sensei Wu. With an earthquake, Steve’s dragon came out of the volcano. It touched Steve and he felt rejoiced. Steve then realised that they had won! “Sensei! I cannot believe it!” Steve exclaimed. They then flew back to the Academy.

With this power, Steve won many battles and was officially inducted into the Ninja Academy Hall of Fame. No matter what, Steve just carried on. Maybe now after reading this, there may be a “hero” in you!

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