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Spy Mouse

“Spy Mouse” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Imranali S Khaki, Al Muntazir Boys Primary School, Tanzania.

Spy Mouse

Once upon a time there lived a mouse named Ronaldinio. He was born in a rodent family. He lost his parents at the age of sixteen. When they went for a mission to the cobra headquarters and from that day he never got to see his parents again the GS [government spies ] still is tracking the down cobra organizations boss.

His plans are to sign up for the GSA he signed up and passed all his test and got 100 in all of his tests [smart mouse huh] he was ready to strike, they gave him they super tinted glasses, a black suit, a white shirt, a black tie, a hand gun, super shiny black shoes and a ear phone he expressed am ready.

The next day he had to go for a mission to the cobra headquarters. His team consisted of five mice, their names were Kickpaw, Williams, Shortpaws, Fatpaws, Clarissa [The only female in the team] They went in a tinted black van having computers inside, weapons, food [If they are hungry], explosives, gadgets.

They started their journey on the way they felt someone was following them. So, they changed their route Kickpaw came out from the van he held a riffle and said ‘who is there’ show yourself. A car came out of nowhere and shot Kickpaw write on the head, quickly Ronaldinio took a gun and shot the cars tyre, and the car overturned all the spies went to the car. They hit the people and cuffed them and asked them. Who are you? What do you want? Meanwhile Shotpaws was helping Kickpaw, but it was too late that day was the end of his life. They questioned the mice but they did not answer they had no choice but to kill one mouse so that the other one should answer so they killed one mouse. The other one answered we work for cobra worriedly so then they killed him too.

They stayed there for the night ate their food and slept. In the morning they continued their journey. Once they reached the headquarters, they took their weaponry and disguised them self as the guard and went inside the bosses room. They wanted to shoot the boss but then they were hit on the head and fainted. The guards dragged them to a room once they woke up the guards questioned Ronaldinio but he did not answer a single word and they got tired and went away.

After a few minutes the boss entered the room and said answer my questions or I freeze William. So start thinking and tell me the answers or let your friends die. Mean while Ronaldinio was cutting the rope with his laser ring. He stood up and broke out of the prison and opened all his friends and went to the bosses room. He dragged him to the van and took him to jail.

The next day the police went to the cobra headquarters to all the employees to jail and locked them up. The same they went to the court the boss of the cobra headquarters was sentenced to death and, all his employees in jail for 30 years.

Ronaldinio celebrated his victory and retired being a spy at the age of sixty and Ronaldinio had a happy life and died at the age of 80 years old.

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