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Spiderman's Magic Power

“Spiderman's Magic Power” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Gautam Karve, Saraswati Educational Society’s Gurukul, India.

Spiderman's Magic Power

It was a big day in Junior Spidey’s life. His school, Gurukul had reached the finals of the interschool cricket tournament. But the major issue in the Gurukul cricket team was Junior Spidey’s poor fielding. He was just like a villager catching a running hen. They were going to lose many matches due to his fielding, but had won them because of their strong batting.

Junior Spidey was little upset. As it was a crucial match, he thought that he might be a good batsman; but being an exceptional fielder was also important. Suddenly he got an idea. He would ask his father, Spiderman, to apply a sticky paste on his hands which he uses to swing and jump around. So, he would be able to take good catches, and may be, their team could lift the trophy cup. Junior Spidey decided to ask his father about the same.

But to his great astonishment, his father said, “Junior, you need to practice, practice and practice! I cannot give you my powers. They will work only for one match. While if you practice, it will not only work for all your matches; but it will work for your entire life too. Practice makes a man perfect.” Junior hesitated. He didn’t want to practice. What would happen if he didn’t practice? The match was just a week later. Besides, he wanted appreciation from his teammates. So, he pleaded and pleaded. Spiderman couldn’t say anything because his son was shouting like mad. Finally, Spiderman consented. What could he do? He said, “Junior, I will give you my powers on one condition. You will have to practice hard, each day until the finals.” Junior was thrilled, father’s powers only for him. WOW!!!

Finally the big day arrived. Spiderman applied the power to Junior Spidey’s hands. Junior was little late, but how does it matter? He was in a good spirit.

The match started. The opponent team won the toss, and elected to bowl first. Gurukul opened with the batting. Unfortunately, one batsman got muddled up and was run-out. Eventually all of the team got out very quickly posting a target of 198 runs. Soon, the opponent team went out to bat. Unfortunately for Gurukul, both of their openers smashed fifties, consisting of one making 54 and the other 51. Then, Gurukul snatched two wickets in succession, thanks to some attacking bowling by Raghav, the best bowler in their team. Next three wickets went down cheaply with one wicket for Raghav and two for Sam, the spinner. The match now came to an interesting point.

Junior was getting a little bored standing at his place doing nothing. Just then, the batsman hit a crisp cover drive. The ball simply went for a four. Slowly the score mounted to 190-8. On the next ball, one batsman hit it high in the air. Junior had to adjust his place according to the ball. He cupped his hands and caught the ball! The score was now 192-9. Every player was thinking luck was not with Gurukul as one deep inside edge led to another boundary. Now just two runs needed for the opponent team to lift the trophy. At the very next ball the batsmen tried to hit a six. The ball was coming straight towards Junior. He had to run a few yards to reach it. He leaped like a gazelle and caught the ball!

They had won and Junior had taken the winning catch! Finally Gurukul’s hard work had bought them a surprise which was lifting the trophy cup!!! Man of the match award was announced. And guess who was it, yes; it was Junior for taking catches at crucial moments!

When the man of the match reached home, he said to his dad, “See, you gave me your power, and I won the Man of the match award!”

Imagine his surprise when his father said, “But Junior, I had given you an ordinary duct tape, which was not even sticky at the back! What won you the Man of the match award; was your continuous effort for seven days. So now I hope you have understood that practice makes a man perfect!”

Proud Junior Spidey kept the award in his showcase. If you ask him how one should prepare for the final; he will always say ‘JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND PLAY!’

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