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Sheriff’s Problem

“Sheriff’s Problem” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Hadiid Dimitri Whisnuwardana, Sekolah Citra Berkat, Indonesia.

Sheriff’s Problem

One day, in the middle of a desert, there was a sheriff who secured and protected a small town. His name was Johnny Mc’ Fluffy also known as “The Brave Johnny”. This story happened a long time ago in 1873.

The town was peaceful until in 1881 a crowd of robbers came to the town. They came with horses and a carriage. The robbers went after the bank! They heard that the bank had a lot of gold and cash. So they made a scheme. The scheme was to get as many things as they could. Ha! Ha! Ha! What a scheme!

In Johnny’s team there was a spy who heard the robber’s silly scheme. Then the spy told Johnny about it. Sheriff Johnny alerted his team to be aware.

In one day, the robbers are in action. They did the scheme that they made together in their barn. They came with their horses and one of the horses brought an old carriage. They got into the bank and held hostage the people that were inside of the bank. The robbers took all the things inside the bank’s stash. And the scheme worked!

Sheriff Johnny and his team went after the robbers. The robbers were trying to get away from “The Amazing Team”. After a long time of chasing, sheriff’s team could not catch the robbers. But, Johnny managed to keep up with the robbers.

It ended up in a barn where the robbers used to stay! The robbers already set a trap to catch Johnny. Then, Johnny fell from his horse and being caught by the robbers. They felt relief they caught him. The robbers placed Johnny in a small cell. While he was in that cell, there was no food and water to drink. But, luckily he found a little gap in his cell and in his cell there was a screwdriver. So, he shed the gap slowly. After a long time shading, he managed to open the cell door. He quickly ran as fast as he could.

Johnny got away with his horse. The robbers were chasing him. Johnny brought them to a really high mountain. After about 4 hours of chasing, they reached the top of the mountain. Johnny has a parachute attached with his horse. So, he and his horse jumped off the cliff. He opened the parachute. The robbers were confused. Then, they went down the mountain for another 4 hours. Ha! Ha! Ha! That is what they get. But then Johnny arrived at his lovely town. But the robbers arrived 1 hour later. Johnny gave a command for his team to get into formation. He told his team to hold their fire.

He negotiated with the robbers. But the negotiation didn’t reach a deal. Then Sheriff told his team to shoot the robbers. The robbers didn’t bring their guns so they ran away. The people in the town thanked him and his team for their service. Then the town lived peacefully forever.

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